10 Best AirTag Holders and Accessories

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If you have an iPhone, one of the best iPhone accessories you can buy is an AirTag. AirTags are cheap, last for a long time, and allow you to keep track of your valuables. There have been countless stories where AirTags have helped people retrieve their luggage from careless airlines and find things they misplaced or lost. 

I recommend everyone to get at least a pack of 4 AirTags and use them to track their keychain, wallet, luggage, and more. That said, AirTags sport a simple shape that makes it impossible to attach them to anything. Here are the best AirTags holders and accessories you can buy to attach your AirTags to keys, pets, bags, luggage, bicycles, and more. 

But first, 

Best AirTag holders to buy in 2024

1. OtterBox Sleek Tracker case for Apple AirTag

If you want a quality AirTag keyring mount, you cannot go wrong with the OtterBox Sleek Tracker case for Apple AirTag. It features a sleek AirTag case attached to a metallic round carabiner, allowing you to easily attach multiple keys to your AirTag. 

OtterBox Sleek Tracker case for Apple AirTag

The outer layering protects the AirTag against bumps and drops while the open side allows you to showcase any engravings you might have gotten inscribed on your AirTag. It’s robust, lightweight, and looks good. I have been using the OtterBox Sleek Tracker case for over a year, and I cannot find anything wrong with it. 

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2. Orbitkey leather holder for Apple AirTag

If you prefer leather accessories (check out our favorite iPhone 15 Pro series leather cases), I recommend the Orbitkey leather holder for Apple AirTag. It’s a simple AirTag keyring holder that can easily accommodate multiple keys without issues. The leather cover gives all-round protection to the AirTag, leaving only a window to showcase the Apple logo or engraving. It is a bit more costly than your regular AirTag key holders, but if leather is what you like, you will have to pay the premium.

Orbitkey Leather Holder for Apple AirTag

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3. Belkin Apple AirTag secure holder with key ring

Belkin makes some of the best accessories for the Apple ecosystem. While priced on the premium side, Belkin accessories are polished, durable, and immaculately crafted. Their AirTag secure holder with a key ring is no different. It features a simple twist and lock design that securely houses the AirTag. The holder features a raised edge that keeps the AirTags from getting scratched. We also love that it doesn’t cover the center of the AirTags, allowing you to see your personal engravings on the AirTags.

Belkin Apple AirTag secure holder with key ring

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4. TagVault AirTag wallet card holder

If you want to keep the AirTag in your wallet, you should buy the TagVault AirTag wallet car holder. It’s a slim and flexible card-shaped AirTag holder that looks like a credit card. You can insert your AirTag in the case and put it in your wallet. The best part is that it doesn’t add any additional bulk to the AirTag and keeps your wallet slim so it can easily fit in your pockets.

TagVault AirTag wallet card holder

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5. AirTag dog collar holder

If you want to keep track of your favorite buddy, the AirTag dog collar is for you. The AirTag holder has a design that allows you to thread the dog collar through it. Unlike the keychain AirTag holder, this will ensure that the AirTag is not dangling and irritating your furry friend. It also prevents your dogs from using your AirTag as a chew toy.

AirTag dog collar holder

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6. Pelican protector AirTag holder

The issue with AirTags is that they have become popular, so even thieves know about them. If you put your AirTag in an obvious place, it will be easy for them to find and remove it. You can solve this issue by buying the Pelican protector AirTag holder. It is a rugged, scratch-resistant, and durable AirTag holder that has a 3m adhesive side, allowing you to securely attach the AirTag anywhere you want.

Pelican protector AirTag holder

For example, you can use this to stick the AirTag to the bottom of your bicycle seat, where no one will look for it. Another benefit of using a sticky surface is that you can stick it to objects that don’t have an attachment point. You can attach it to your car, luggage, drones, and more. We also love that the case makes use of notches to amplify the sound coming out of AirTags, making it easy for you to locate it.

Pelican protector AirTag holder attach to bicycle

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7. TagVault surface waterproof AirTag adhesive mount

The TagVault surface waterproof AirTag adhesive mount is made for outdoor use. The adhesive is waterproof, meaning it won’t come unstuck when exposed to water. If you are a hiker or extreme sports enthusiast who spends lots of time outdoors, you can use these to stick AirTags to your precious possessions. The TagVault is IP68 waterproof, so your AirTags can survive water submersion.

TagVault surface waterproof AirTag adhesive mount

It is great for tracking your skis and snowboards, trailers, bikes, construction tools, camping gear, and more. Another thing that goes in favor of this AirTag holder is its understated design. From the outside, it doesn’t look like an AirTag holder, so there’s no chance anyone will suspect there’s an AirTag attached to your precious stuff.

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8. Airtag holder with 3-digit combination lock

There are only so many places to hide your AirTags inside your car, bike, bag, or luggage. Well, if you cannot hide it, you can make it harder for thieves to throw it out. This AirTag holder is made of high-strength metal and has a built-in 3-digit combination lock on the carabiner, making it harder for thieves to detach the AirTag and throw it out.

Airtag holder with 3-digit combination lock

The holder offers 360-degree protection to the AirTag and ensures that no one can snatch it out of the case. It also improves the water resistance of AirTags, allowing you to use it with camping gear, skis, water rafts, and more.

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9. TagVault secure AirTag strap mount

The TagVault secure strap mount is our favorite way to attach the AirTags to our bags. It’s a waterproof and discreet AirTag mount that you can attach to the strap of your bag using custom self-piercing screws. Considering that we carry our MacBooks and other costly accessories in our bags, it makes sense to use a discreet AirTag holder that cannot be detached easily. We love this AirTag mount.

TagVault secure AirTag strap mount

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10. TenCloud clip holder for Apple AirTags

The final AirTag holder on our list is the TenCloud clip holder that allows you to easily clip the AirTag to things you want to track. Made of durable silicone material, the holder is lightweight and offers scratch protection to the AirTags. Thanks to the clip mechanism, the AirTags are easy to attach and detach. The clip holders are best for things you want to find but do not necessarily fear that they will get stolen.

TenCloud clip holder for Apple AirTags

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Frequently Asked Questions about AirTags

While AirTags have become quite popular, they are still new enough that users don’t know much about them. In this section, we will answer some frequently asked questions about AirTags to help you make a better purchase decision.

Q. Are AirTags waterproof?

The AirTag features an IP67 dust and water resistance rating, meaning they are totally dust proof and can survive in water depths up to one meter (3.3 feet) for 30 minutes.

Q. Do you need to recharge AirTags?

No. The AirTag is powered by a CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery that lasts about a year. Once the battery depletes, you will need to insert a new battery in AirTag.

Q. How do you attach AirTags to things?

AirTags don’t have any adhesive surface that allows you to attach them to things. You can either throw them in your luggage or backpacks or use any AirTags holders mentioned above to attach them to your car, bike, ski, bag, keys, wallet, and more.

Q. How AirTags send their location?

The AirTags send secure Bluetooth connection to any nearby device which is a part of Apple’s Find My network and uses its connection to send its current location securely.

Top accessories and AirTags holders to buy

While there are some security concerns regarding the misuse of AirTags, they have definitely made our lives easier. The tracking and security features previously only available to a few people have now received wider adoption.

We have already seen some creative uses of AirTags. It has helped people recover luggage from airlines and journalists to debunk a government’s shoe recycling promise. What do you think about AirTags, and how are you using them? Let us know in the comments.