7 Best Cases for MacBook Air M2 to Buy

M2 MacBook Air with case on white table with a coffee and a notebook on its side
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We have been using the new M2 MacBook Air for the last few months, and we must say that it’s an awesome machine. Despite buying the base model MacBook Air M2, we have not encountered any slow-downs or freezing, even when using it for smaller video editing projects. What impressed us the most about this device is the long battery life. During regular work days that entail all day browsing the internet, writing, researching, and photo editing, it consistently lasts for more than 10 hours. We are in love with this machine and want it to last forever. For this purpose, we have protected our MacBook Air M2 with a robust case. If you also want to protect your M2 MacBook Air, here are the seven best cases for MacBook Air M2 you can buy right now.

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Best cases for MacBook Air M2 in 2023

If you want to check out other MacBook Air M2 accessories like these awesome cases below, you can click on the link to check them out. We have listed these cases in descending order of prices from the most premium to the most affordable. You can use the table of content below to move to the case you want.

1. Speck Smartshell MacBook Air 13.6-inch M2

If you want a premium, thin, and protective case for MacBook Air M2, we recommend the Speck Smartshell case. It’s a durable hard shell case that can protect the MacBook Air M2 against scratches, punctures, and dents, and even handle minor drops and falls. One of the best things about this case is that it does not add much bulk to the device. That case is also resistant to fingerprints thanks to its matte translucent design. Other features of this case, include rubberized feet that prevent slipping, a good fit with secure clips, precise cut-outs for ports, and fade-resistant colors that last a long time.

Speck Smartshell MacBook Air 13.6-INCH M2

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2. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle case for MacBook Air M2

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle series of cases are for people who want the best protection for their MacBook Air and don’t mind the extra bulk. The case features a unique shock-absorbing wraparound bumper that provides robust protection against drops, falls, and impacts. We love that the case is transparent in nature, so our MacBook Air M2’s design is not hidden.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle case for MacBook Air M2

We also like the vented bottom panel and raised rubber feet that ensure that the MacBook is cooled properly. If you want to add more cooling effects, you can buy one of these best cooling pad stands for MacBook Air M2 that can keep the internal temperatures in check even in case of heavy usage. The final thing that makes us love this case is that it seems to be quite good at resisting fingerprints, which keeps the case clean and aesthetically pleasing.

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3. Fintie case for MacBook Air 13.6-inch

Finite is one of our favorite case designers for MacBooks, and if you prefer a slightly heavy-duty case that offers good impact and drop protection, you should definitely check it out. Available in four beautiful colors, the Finite MacBook Air M2 case is a hard shell TPU case with a flexible TPU bumper that can easily handle drops, falls, impacts, and scratches and scuffs resulting from regular use. The case is fully vented at the bottom, so the bottom panel can easily disburse heat. The case is also easy to put on and take off, allowing you to have the freedom of going case-free whenever you want. It is one of our favorite cases, and we recommend it without any qualms.

Fintie case for MacBook Air 13.6-inch

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4. SanMuFly designer case for MacBook Air M2

The SanMuFly designer case for the MacBook Air M2 is perfect for users who don’t want boring old clear or solid color cases. The case comes in several different designs featuring elements, wormholes, the periodic table, flowers, a blackboard, and many more. Our favorite is the wormhole design that features environmentally-friendly ink printing.

SanMuFly designer case for MacBook Air M2

The case offers ample protection and can easily handle minor drops and falls. Apart from the case, you also get a keyboard cover and dust protectors for the ports on the MacBook Air M2. That means you are getting all-around protection for the MacBook Air M2. If you want to spice up the looks of your MacBook Air M2, the SanMuFly designer case for the M2 MacBook Air is the one to get.

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5. TWOLSKOO MacBook Air M2 frosted case

If you love the frosted look, you should check out the TWOLSKOO MacBook Air M2 frosted case. The case features a no-cutout design, hiding or showing the Apple logo with through frosted finish depending on the color of the finish. So, if you want a case that lets you stealthily carry your new MacBook Air, get the colors that hide the Apple logo. The TWOLSKOO case is available in over 20 colors, including frosted green, lavender, stone, black, pink, and more. If you want to get an understated case for your MacBook Air M2, this is the one to get.

TWOLSKOO MacBook Air M2 frosted case

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6. Batianda case compatible with MacBook Air M2

The Batianda case for the M2 MacBook Air features a stylish and slim design that will be perfect for your ultra-sleek MacBook Air. The case comes in both clear and colored options, allowing you to match your sense of style. The bottom panel of the case has grills that ensure that the MacBook Air M2 can cool properly. It is a sturdy case that can easily handle some minor drops and protect your M2 MacBook air from wear and tear.

Batianda case compatible with MacBook Air M2

It’s a two-piece snap-on case that one can easily put on and take off as needed. The case also comes with a matching keyboard cover to protect your MacBook keyboard against scratches and contamination. For people who want to show off their brand-new M2 MacBook Air, the clear case makes more sense. On the other hand, if you want to customize the look of the MacBook Air, you can go for one of the colored or printed cases.

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7. EooCoo case for M2 MacBook Air

If you want an ultra-affordable case for the M2 MacBook Air, check out the EooCoo case. It’s a slim and lightweight case that will not add much bulk to the device. It’s a hard shell case made from high-quality PC plastic with high impact strength, a wide temperature range, and good dimensional stability. That means it can easily handle daily use and keep your 2nd generation MacBook Air free of scratches and scuffs.

EooCoo case for M2 MacBook Air

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Top M2 MacBook Air cases to buy

The M2 MacBook Air is an excellent machine. With the powerful M2 chipset and long battery life, it’s one of our favorite Mac notebooks Apple has ever made. If you also love your M2 MacBook Air, don’t forget to buy one of the cases in this list to protect it. Also, check out our guide on the best M2 MacBook Air screen protectors to buy a screen protector for its big and beautiful display.