Best iPad mini Cases for Reading

iPad mini with folio case for reading
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While I love my 11-inch iPad Pro, I cannot deny the allure of owning an iPad mini. It is the ultimate portable tablet you can use for gaming, watching videos, taking notes, and reading. The new iPad mini design gives you access to a big 8.3-inch, perfect for reading books. 

I love that the iPad mini supports 2nd generation Apple Pencil, which makes it the perfect device for taking handwritten notes on the go. The iPad mini feels like the sibling to the iPhone 12 and 13 mini, meaning if you are the target audience for this, you will instantly know it. 

In this guide, we will focus on its reading capabilities and tell you the best iPad mini cases for reading you can buy. 

Best iPad mini reading cases you can buy

Before we get to our list, here are some salient points we have kept in mind while selecting the best reading cases for iPad mini. 

  • The USP of the iPad mini is its small and compact size. So the cases we want to pair with this also need to be compact to preserve its portability. 
  • The cases should also provide ample protection. Since the iPad mini is going to be your travel device, the case should be good enough to protect it in outdoor scenarios. 
  • Lastly, the case should also feel good in your hands. Since you will hold the iPad mini in your hands for reading (most of the time), the case should feel comfortable and luxurious. 

Keeping these criteria in mind, here are the best iPad mini cases for reading you can buy. 

1. Apple Smart Folio for iPad mini

The first we recommend is the Apple Smart Folio for iPad mini. It’s the perfect reading case for iPad mini you can buy. The Smart Folio case is a thin and light case that protects the back panel and the front display of the iPad mini. 

Apple Smart Folio for iPad min

The case is very lightweight and comfortable. I also love the in-hand feel of the case. The front folio of the case can be folded and arranged in different positions to create different angle stands for reading, which is an added benefit. 

There are several third-party cases available that offer the same design at considerably cheaper prices, but none matches the quality of the Apple Smart Folio. The case is available in multiple colors, including Black, Dark Cherry, Lavender, White, and more. 

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2. PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro

If you want a case that offers exceptional protection while remaining slim and lightweight, the PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro for iPad mini is for you. The case is made from durable aramid fiber that feels great in hand. I have the PITAKA’s Magic Keyboard compatible case for iPad Pro, and I love it. 


The case features airbags around the corners for enhanced drop protection. There’s also a detachable Apple Pencil 2 clip that allows you to attach the Pencil to the iPad mini. My favorite feature of the case is that it’s compatible with a MagEZ charging stand

I can attach my iPad mini to the stand and get it to reading height while the stand wirelessly charges it. Even if you don’t want to invest in the stand, you can buy the PitaFlow charger and use it to charge your iPad mini wirelessly. 

3. tomtoc Smart Folio vertical case

Another iPad mini case that’s perfect for reading is the tomtoc Smart Folio vertical case. The case features an outer PU leather casing and an inner microfiber lining, protecting your iPad mini from impact and minor scratches. 

tomtoc Smart Folio vertical case

What I love most about this case is its detachable nature. The main case body can be detached from the folio, giving you a lightweight case, perfect for holding in your hands. I also love that the folio case supports portrait orientation, making it an excellent case for reading books. 

Even with the folio, the case remains fairly lightweight and won’t add much bulk to your bag. Costing almost half the price of other cases in the list, the tomtoc Smart Folio vertical case is a good choice for book readers. 

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Bonus: Twelve South BookBook Case for iPad mini

There are some cases you buy for protection, some for usability, and then there are cases you buy just for the sheer looks. If you are a book lover, you will adore the Twelve South BookBook Case for iPad mini.

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPad mini

The case turns your iPad mini into a small book and will put a smile on your face every time you take it out of your bag. The case uses premium leather and looks like a premium leather-bound book when closed.

The case offers ample space for your iPad mini, Apple Pencil 2, and some accessories. You can also set the case in multiple viewing angles to get the perfect reading experience. The only drawback of this case is that it’s too bulky. 

You have to take the iPad mini out of the case for longer reading sessions. But as I said, you don’t buy this case for the convenience. You buy it for the look and feel. 

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Top iPad mini cases for reading to buy

That ends our list of the best iPad mini cases you can buy for reading. Let us know which case you are buying for your iPad mini in the comments below.