6 Best MagSafe Pop Sockets Phone Grips for iPhone 15 series

iPhone with pop socket phone grip
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If you have purchased the larger iPhone 15 Plus or 15 Pro Max, you know that handling them with one hand can be a problem. If you have small hands like I do, using even the regular iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro can be cumbersome (I rue the demise of the iPhone mini lineup). That’s why we recommend using a MagSafe pop socket to enhance the one-handed usability. It’s one of our favorite iPhone MagSafe accessories. Here are the best MagSafe pop sockets you can buy for your iPhone 15 series iPhone.

Best MagSafe pop sockets phone grips for iPhone 15 series

While the MagSafe pop sockets and phone grips will work on a naked iPhone, the glass back results in a connection which is not that secure. If you want to use a MagSafe pop socket or phone grip on your iPhone, you should also buy compatible cases for iPhone 15 Pro (or any other iPhone you use). With the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to our list, shall we?

1. Anker Magnetic Phone Grip for iPhone 15 series

Anker makes some of the best power banks for MacBook Pro and iPhones, and we can vouch for the quality of the products that they produced. Its Magnetic phone grip is a lightweight ring holder with a strong magnetic grip that can hold up to up to 28 oz (800 g) of weight, so your phone is not going anywhere. The finger ring is freely rotatable, and you can also use it as a makeshift stand for streaming content hands-free.

Anker Magnetic Phone Grip for iPhone

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2. PopSockets PopGrip pop socket for iPhone 15 series

While costly, the PopSockets PopGrip phone grip for iPhone is our favorite phone grip for iPhone. The product is so popular that you can find hundreds if not thousands of replicas on Amazon, but none of them can hold a candle to the original. The PopGrip attaches magnetically to a MagSafe compatible case and creates a solid connection, ensuring that your iPhone is securely attached. It’s available in several colors and design options, allowing you to add a touch of personality to your iPhone. You cannot go wrong with this product.

PopSockets PopGrip pop socket for iPhone

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3. EWA MagOne MagSafe iPhone 15 series grip with finger strap

If you don’t like the feel of a metal finger ring and want something more comfortable, you should buy the EWA MagSafe phone grip, which comes with a silicone finger strap. The phone grip has built-in N52 magnets that make it sticks so tightly to your phone that it can hold the weight of four iPhones. It also has an upgraded outer ring that allows you to prop up your phone in both landscape and portrait orientations. If you prefer a silicone ring over a metallic one, this is the one you should buy.

EWA MagOne MagSafe phone grip with finger strap

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4. PopSockets MagSafe wallet with expanding grip

The only drawback of MagSafe is that you can only use a single MagSafe accessory at a time. So, if you are using one of the best MagSafe wallets, you won’t be able to use another product like a MagSafe pop socket. Thankfully, MagSafe accessories are easy to detach, allowing you to easily swap accessories. But what if you want to use a MagSafe wallet along with a MagSafe phone grip on your iPhone? Well, that’s where the PopSockets MagSafe wallet comes in handy. It’s a MagSafe wallet with an attached pop grip, allowing you to use two accessories at once.

PopSockets MagSafe wallet with expanding grip

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5. iWALK magnetic wireless power bank with iPhone grip

Like the PopSockets MagSafe wallet, the iWALK magnetic wireless power bank allows you to use two MagSafe accessories at once. The MagSafe wireless power bank comes with a 6,000mAh capacity battery than can easily charge even the bigger iPhone 15 Pro Max, at least once. The outer part of the power bank has an attached ring holder, allowing you to grip the phone with ease. If this is a functionality that interests you, definitely check this out.

iWALK magnetic wireless power bank with iPhone grip

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6. andobil magnetic phone grip for iPhone 15 series

The andobil magnetic phone grip for iPhone has strong N52 magnets that create a secure attachment. The connection is strong that it can carry the weights of four iPhones, so you don’t have to worry about the grip detaching unintentionally. A unique feature of this phone grip is that the magnetic connector works both ways, allowing you to stick your iPhone 15 series (also works with iPhone 14 series and iPhone 13 series) phone to any metallic surface like refrigerators, gym equipment, and more. The ring holder can also work as a makeshift stand allowing for a hands-free experience.

andobil magnetic phone grip for iPhone

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Top MagSafe phone grips pop sockets for iPhone 15 series

We have featured the best MagSafe and pop sockets you can buy for your iPhone. You can find both budget and premium options, along with some cool phone grips that come with a wallet and power bank. So check them out and let us know which one you are buying for your iPhone.