Adobe Releases Premiere Rush CC, Adobe Photoshop CC Coming Soon to iPad

Adobe Releases Premiere Rush CC, Adobe Photoshop CC Coming Soon to iPad

Adobe has released an all-in-one cross-device video editing app targeting the mobile creators. Dubbed as the Adobe Premiere Rush CC, the video editing service automatically syncs all your projects and edits to the cloud so that it’s available on all your devices. The app is targeted at video editing beginners such as budding YouTubers who find the pro video editing tools such as the Adobe Premiere Pro and Final cut Pro too daunting to use. Along with the Premiere Rush CC, Adobe also announced that a fully featured Adobe Photoshop CC is coming soon to iPads in 2019. Let us see, what new features these apps have on offer for consumers:

Adobe Premiere Rush CC

According to Adobe, the new Premiere Rush CC integrates capture, intuitive editing, simplified color, audio, motion graphics, and seamless publishing to the leading social platforms, all together in one easy-to-use solution. The app targets YouTubers and social media influencers who want an all-in-one editing program which brings video-editing, motion graphics, and audio mixing capabilities in one tool while being relatively easy to use. Here are some of the features that Adobe touted during the release of the Adobe Premiere Rush CC:

  • The app makes it easy to create videos that not only look great but also sound great by providing simplified templates powered by Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition.
  • The app also brings social media optimization for one-click publishing. According to Adobe,
“Premiere Rush automatically optimizes all your content for the different social media platforms that you publish to today — including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Behance”.
  • Finally, the app automatically syncs all the projects across devices allowing you to edit them from your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Adobe has also planned new feature releases for the future which will be released in the coming months. The biggest upcoming feature is the support for Android devices which will please creators who prefer Android over iOS. Other upcoming features include speed control for videos, performance improvements, and a faster publishing experience.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC: Pricing

The Adobe Premiere Rush CC is available in multiple pricing plans which should satisfy the needs of most users. The prices start at $9.99/month for individuals, $19.99/month for teams, and $29.99/month for enterprise customers. Premiere Rush CC is also included as part of Creative Cloud All Apps, Premiere Pro CC single app, the Student plan, and comes with 100 GB of CC storage. Additional storage options, up to 10 TB, are also available for purchase.

There’s also a starter plan which is available for free. In this, a user can use the Premiere Rush CC on all the platforms and can create unlimited projects. However, they will only be allowed to export three projects.

Adobe Photoshop CC for iPad

Another big announcement from Adobe was the confirmation of the release of a new fully functional Adobe Photoshop CC for iPad. The new iPad version which will be released in 2019 will be a fully functional Photoshop app. The whole interface has been redesigned to support the touch and Apple Pencil input.

Adobe Photoshop CC for iPad

One of the biggest new updates from Adobe which made the Photoshop CC for iPad possible is the new cloud PSD file system which will be synced across devices and can be edited on both mobile and desktop devices. Basically, you will be able to save a file in PSD format on your Mac and then edit it on your iPad. No more importing and exporting files in different formats to support the two platforms.

Here’s what Adobe said on the topic in its blog post;

“Anything you do on the iPad is seamlessly synced to the desktop, so you can now use the best device for the task you want to accomplish with no compromises. No exporting, importing, converting to different formats, or fixing whatever didn’t properly convert. It all just seamlessly works.”

The Photoshop on iPad will share the same code base as its desktop counterpart so there will be no compromises on either performance or features. This is a great news for Photoshop users as now they will be able to edit their images on-the-go without having to open their Macs.

That being said, whether the convenience that comes with using a touch interface and Apple Pencil will be able to offset the problems caused by lack of keyboard macros remains to be seen. I know many Photoshop users who depend on their keyboard macros to make adjustments to images. To them, using Photoshop on iPad will be like learning a whole new app. However, since the Adobe Photoshop CC on iPad will be covered under the same creating cloud subscription plan, it won’t hurt creators to give this a try.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC and Photoshop CC for iPad: Final Thoughts

For me, the release of Adobe Photoshop CC is a great news as it marks a point in the life of iOS where it’s no longer being considered just as a mobile platform. iOS is finally gaining recognition as a platform where people can be productive and get work done and that is going to change the way how we use iOS devices in the future.