Popular Podcast Player Castro 3 Acquired by Tiny

Popular Podcast Player Castro 3 Acquired by Tiny

The popular podcasting app Castro 3 has been acquired by Tiny. The news was relayed by a post on Supertop’s blog today. The new parent company Tiny now holds a majority share in Castro 3, while the original Castro creators, Oisín and Pádraig, will still hold minority shares. According to the post published on their blog, the creators took the decision to sell Castro as it was becoming too big for them to handle. 

“Castro has reached a size where the demands of running the business have been pulling us in too many different directions. We haven’t been able to focus as much on the core work of designing and building a product. Selling to Tiny gets Castro access to more resources, contacts and expertise. By growing the team we can specialize our roles to be more focused individually and get more done collectively. We can get back to what we’re good at and what we love doing.”

That said, users of our beloved podcast app Castro 3 don’t have to worry as the developers have assured that they will continue working on the app as Tiny’s employees. In fact, they have announced that they have already started working on Castro 4 where they will be focusing on improving the design to bring more listeners into the Castro flow. 

“We’ve started work on Castro 4. The plan is to improve the design to bring more listeners into the Castro flow. We’re excited, because for the first time in five years of work on Castro, we’ll have the resources to focus exclusively on it as product designers and developers, without contract work to distract us, and with a team around us to handle the administrative tasks.”

Castro is one of the best podcasts app available on iOS and I am very happy that the original developers will keep working on the app. I am also more hopeful as the recently acquired Pocket Casts app received a huge update just a few days back. As per the post, it seems the Castro will follow the same path and keep serving its loyal users.