WinterFest 2022 Offers 25% Discount on the Best Mac Apps

Get up to 25% discounts on some of the best Mac apps such as Srivener, Scapple, BBEdit, DEVONthink 3, and more.

WinterFest 2022 Offers 25% Discount on the Best Mac Apps

WinterFest 2022 is returning with an impressive selection of high-quality apps for tasks such as mind mapping, research, data analysis, and writing at amazing prices. As in previous years, talented software developers from around the world are participating, offering discounted rates on 19 popular applications and a book collection to help with various knowledge work tasks.

You are getting 20 to 25% discounts on some of the most finely crafted apps for Macs. You can find apps like Scrivener - one of the best writing apps for Mac, DevonThink - arguably the best Mac app for managing files, research, and documents, and more. Here are some of the best apps WinterFest is offering at huge discounts:

  • Tinderbox: Organize your notes, plans, and ideas
  • Scrivener: Tackle any writing project
  • Scapple: Create mind-maps like never before (read our Scapple review for more information)
  • BBEdit: One of the best text and code editors for Mac
  • DEVONthink 3: Collect, organize, edit and annotate documents of any kind
  • Hookmark: Create links to files, emails, documents, webpages, and more
  • Aeon Timeline 3: Create beautiful and data-rich timelines

Apart from these apps, you also get apps like Panorama X, Bookends, Yojimbo, SmallCubed Mail Suite, and more. Apart from apps, WinterFest 2022 is also offering a 25% discount on all the Take Control series of books that will help get the most out of your Apple devices and Mac apps.

The best part about this discount is that you don’t need to unlock bundles or buy multiple programs. You don’t even have to visit WinterFest’s website. You can go to an app developer's website and use the coupon code Winterfest2022 at checkout to avail of discounts.

If you have been eyeing any of these apps and found them too costly to buy, it’s the best time to snatch them at big discounts.

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