How to Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone

Entering passcode using Apple Watch's small display is not easy. Here's how you can unlock your Apple Watch with iPhone.

How to Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone

When everyone had to wear a mask during the COVID pandemic, the FaceID on iPhones became useless. To solve the issue, Apple released a new feature that allowed users to unlock their iPhones using their Apple Watch, thus negating the requirement of a password. However, did you know that the inverse of this action is also true- meaning you can unlock your Apple Watch with an iPhone? Here’s how you do it:

Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone

The ability to Unlock my Mac using Apple Watch has been a godsend feature. I use Mac accessories, including an external monitor and wireless mechanical keyboards, and thanks to Apple Watch, I don’t have to enter my password every time. 

If you have not enabled this feature on your Mac, go to System Settings → Touch ID & Password and turn on the toggle for Apple Watch unlock. 

Coming back from that tangent, here’s how you can unlock your Apple Watch with an iPhone. 

1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone and ensure that the My Watch tab is selected. 

Apple Watch app screenshot

2. Scroll down to Passcode and tap to open it. On this page, turn on the toggle for Unlock with iPhone

Apple Watch passcode settings

That’s it. Now, whenever you wear the Apple Watch, you don’t have to unlock it manually by entering the PIN. Just pick up your iPhone, unlock it with FaceID, and your Apple Watch will be unlocked immediately. Before you go, check out how you can use your Apple Watch as iPhone Camera Remote.