5 Best Apple Watch Travel Cases You Should Buy

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Apple Watch is a sturdy device, but its display is prone to damage. The problem is more pronounced if you own an aluminum Apple watch as it uses regular Ion-X strengthened glass, which is nowhere as strong as the Sapphire Crystal glass used on the stainless steel models. Also, the metal casing can easily pick up scratches and scuffs, which make the Apple Watch look ugly. When you carry your Apple Watch in a bag or suitcase, we recommend you store it safely inside a travel case. You can use one of these Apple Watch travel cases, which will protect the watch when it’s not on your wrist.

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Best Apple Watch travel cases you should buy

The more you think about it, the more it makes sense to buy an Apple Watch travel case. Here are the best reasons to buy an Apple Watch travel case:

  • They are cheap and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  • They protect your Apple Watch and keep scratches and scuffs at bay.
  • Most of these travel cases also allow you to carry Apple Watch charging cables, so you never forget it.
  • Since the Apple Watch doesn’t change its size much, you can buy a case and use it even if you upgrade to the latest Apple Watch like the Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch SE.

Before we get to our list, check out our articles on the best protective accessories for other Apple products that will protect your pricey investments:

1. MoKo Apple Watch travel case

The MoKo Apple Watch travel case is one of the best travel cases you can buy for your Apple Watch. Along with the Apple Watch, the case can also store your AirPods, which is a big plus. The case fits up to 45mm Apple Watch, meaning you can use it to carry the new Apple Watch Series 8 or any other Apple Watch you own.

MoKo Apple Watch travel case

My favorite thing about this case is that it lets you charge your Apple Watch and AirPods, and can act as a nightstand. The case has a built-in holder for the Apple Watch charging puck and a cut-out giving you access to the AirPods lighting port.

It’s one of the most highly-rated travel cases on Amazon, and buyers love it for its sturdy build and usability. The case is available in multiple colors, including black, blue, space gray, purple, and rose gold.

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2. HALLEAST travel case for Apple Watch

The HALLEAST travel case for Apple Watch is an affordable travel case that can fit even the new Apple Watch Ultra that has a 49mm casing size. It means it will work with any current Apple Watch you own or are planning to buy. It has a built-in charging stand that lets you charge your Apple Watch without removing it from the case.

HALLEAST travel case for Apple Watch

The charging stand is designed to fit your charging cable. You can adjust the cable as you need and store extra cable inside the stand to make it tidy and convenient. The case uses EVA material with nylon lining, which means it can withstand pressure without deforming. You also get a carabiner which you can use to attach the case to your bag for easy carry.

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3. Smatree charging travel case

While the Smatree charging travel case for Apple Watch doesn’t come cheap, it has a built-in battery that can charge your Apple Watch without needing a power source. The case charges via USB-C, and once fully charged, it can charge your Apple Watch up to five times before running out of juice.

Smatree charging travel case

The shell of the case is made of premium PU+ABS and PC materials. It's durable and can protect your Apple Watch from shocking and scratching, and other daily damages. We also love that the case with a double-zipper, which makes it easy to open and get to your Apple Watch.

Its sturdy build quality and built-in battery make it one of the best travel cases for your Apple Watch.

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4. AUKURA hard travel case

If you use a mechanical watch or fitness band alongside your Apple Watch and need a case that can help you carry multiple watches, we recommend the AUKURA hard travel case. It can fit up to five large and small watches. It uses custom sponge pillows that provide extra cushion for the watches to sit on.

AUKURA hard travel case 4

The outer shell of the case uses waterproof and shockproof materials, which can protect your Apple Watch in case of impacts and falls. Despite the big size, the case is lightweight and easy to carry around. While it’s not made specifically for carrying your Apple Watch, it’s one of the best cases for carrying multiple watches, including your Apple Watch.

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5. BARTON watch roll

If you want a premium carrying case for your Apple Watch, check out the Barton watch roll. The case is available in three different models, allowing you to carry one, two, and three watches respectively. The case is made using eco-friendly recycled leather that looks and feels premium.

AUKURA hard travel case 5

You can use it to carry your Apple Watch and regular watches. It can fit up to 46mm watches, so any Apple Watch apart from the Apple Watch Ultra will fit it without any issues. It’s available in black and brown color.

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Top travel cases for Apple Watch

While the Apple Watch spends most of its time on our writs, a travel case ensures that you can safely carry it in your bag when the need arises. We have mentioned affordable and premium carrying cases that you can choose as per your liking. Rest assured, no matter which one you buy, you are getting a good product.