5 Best Leather Sleeves for MacBooks

Discover the top 5 genuine leather sleeves for MacBooks, including Grams(28), Kronemar, Londo, Waterfield, and NOMAD. Protect your MacBook in style!

5 Best Leather Sleeves for MacBooks
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MacBooks are not only great machines, but they also feel like a work of art. Featuring an anodized aluminum unibody design, MacBooks will steal looks no matter where you use them. We especially love the new 14-inch MacBook Pro with its gorgeous display panel and powerful performance. 

If you want to keep your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air in pristine condition, we recommend using a sleeve for carrying it around securely. If you want to match the premium quality of your MacBook, investing in a genuine leather sleeve is a must. 

A good leather sleeve is one of the best Mac accessories to buy. Here are the 5 best leather sleeves for MacBooks. 

Top genuine leather sleeves for MacBooks

Whether you have the smaller 13-inch MacBook Air and 14-inch MacBook Pro or the bigger 15-inch MacBook Air or 16-inch MacBook Pro, you can find genuine leather sleeves that will allow you to carry your device securely. 

1. Grams(28) leather folio

If you are looking for a premium leather folio for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, we recommend the Grams(28) leather folios. We have recently reviewed the Grams(28) 120 leather folio, and we were highly impressed with the product. 

Grams28 120 leather folio with MacBook

Grams(28) uses full-grain Italian leather of the highest quality, and it’s a treat to use. The inside of the folio features several organizational pockets, allowing you to carry your MacBook and other Mac accessories, including wires and mice, without any clutter. There's also a place for storing pens and a hidden compartment for an AirTag. 

The outside has a big pocket, which you can use to carry your charging cables, pens, notebooks, and papers. We love the strong zippers on this folio, which opens and closes with a satisfying sound. If price is not a concern for you and you love quality leather products, there’s none better than Grams(28) leather folio for your MacBook. 

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2. Kronemar full-grain leather MacBook sleeve case

Another premium full-grain leather sleeve that you can buy for your MacBook comes from Kronemar. The sleeve is made from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather and has premium velvet lining on the inside, preventing any scratches from appearing on the body of your MacBook. 

Kronemar full-grain leather MacBook sleeve case

The sleeve features an understated design and will fit in any boardroom meeting without acquiring any undue attention. It’s available in five colors and is available in 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, and 16-inch sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your MacBook no matter which model you own. 

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3. Londo top grain leather MacBook bag

If you are looking for an affordable leather sleeve for your MacBook, we recommend the Londo top-grain leather sleeve. Despite its affordable pricing, the sleeve is made with genuine cowhide leather and features artisanal stitching on the front. 

Londo top grain leather MacBook bag

You don’t get any compartments to carry accessories, but there’s ample room to store some cables or notebooks. It’s the best value-for-money leather sleeve you can buy. If you want a leather sleeve with a personality, this is the one to get. 

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4. Waterfield Vero leather sleeve for MacBook Air and Pro

Waterfield makes some of the best leather bags and sleeves for Apple products, and you cannot go wrong with their Vero series of MacBook leather sleeves. Their leather sleeves use premium full-grain cuts from a single hide that gives a smooth consistent finish. 

Waterfield Vero leather sleeve for MacBook Air and Pro

The inside lining is padded, giving your MacBook much-deserved protection. The sleeve has a slight cutout at the side, allowing access to the charging port, so you can charge your MacBook while inside the sleeve. That said, it also means that you don’t get any ingress protection against dust or liquid. The sleeve also doesn’t feature any pockets and can only fit your MacBook. 

But if you are looking for a leather sleeve that you will mostly carry inside your bag, this is a great option. The Waterfield Vero leather sleeve is available for all MacBook sizes, including 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air and 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. 

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5. NOMAD Horween leather sleeve for MacBook Pro

When it comes to leather products, NOMAD is a company that has made a name for itself. NOMAD’s Horween leather sleeve for MacBook Pro is a slim and protective sleeve for everyday use. The sleeve uses premium Horween leather from the USA and features a compression-molded EVA interior for extra protection.

NOMAD Horween leather sleeve for MacBook Pro

Like the Waterfield sleeve, the NOMAD sleeve features an open front design and a slit at the side for access to your MacBook’s charging port. We love that the sleeve features a magnetic closure to prevent your MacBook from sliding out. 

The NOMAD sleeve is only available in 13-inch and 16-inch sizes, so you won’t be able to find the perfect fit sleeve for your 14-inch MacBook Pro

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Top MacBook leather sleeves to buy

That ends our list of the best MacBook Pro and MacBook Air leather sleeves you can buy. We highly recommend the Grams(28) leather sleeve as it is premium and features compartments to carry accessories. It even has a hidden pocket for AirTag. 

If you want something more affordable, a Londo leather sleeve is a good option. For business people, the Kronemar full-grain leather sleeve is the best, although you cannot go wrong with NOMAD or Waterfiled leather sleeves either.