8 Best sleeves for 14-inch MacBook Pro to buy in 2023

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The 14-inch MacBook Pro is the perfect Mac for people who need power and portability. We have been using the M1 MacBook Pro 14 for the past year, and it has never stuttered or slowed down, no matter what we have thrown at the device. The newer 14-inch M2 MacBook Pro is even more powerful, bringing almost 25% improvement over its predecessor. These MacBook Pros will last you for a long time, and to ensure their longevity, you need to ensure their physical protection. We recommend investing in a good case for the 14-inch MacBook Pro. However, if you don't like to use a case, you should at least buy a good sleeve to protect it when not in use. Here are the best sleeves for the 14-inch MacBook Pro to buy in 2023.

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Best sleeves for 14-inch MacBook Pro (M1 and M2) to buy

The 14-inch MacBook Pro has become our favorite Mac to date. It is super-fast, packs the best display on a laptop, and offers a long battery life. Whether you want to write, edit videos, or watch your favorite TV series, this machine can satisfy all your needs. If you want this laptop to last for a long time, investing up-front in a protective sleeve makes perfect sense.

1. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Bag

If you are looking for a budget sleeve bag for your 14-inch MacBook Pro, the MOSISO laptop sleeve bag is a good option. The bag features a polyester foam padding layer and fluffy fleece fabric that can protect the MacBook ProIt is very slim and lightweight and doesn’t add much bulk to the device. It features a side zipper to give you easy access to your MacBook. There’s also a zipper pocket on the outside that you can use to store accessories, writing supplies, and more.

1. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Bag

The sleeve is available in several shades of gray, green, blue, yellow, and violet colors. It is one of the most highly-rated sleeves on Amazon, with over 40,000 positive reviews. If you are looking for a cheap sleeve for the 14-inch MacBook Pro, you won’t find one better than this.

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2. HYZUO sleeve for 14-inch MacBook Pro

The HYZUO sleeve for the 14-inch MacBook Pro is made from high-strength and durable Microfiber (Faux) Suede Leather material. You also get a thick internal plus lining that not only prevents scratches, but also protects the laptop if you accidentally drop it. The outer layer is also water-resistant, so if spilled drinks shouldn’t be an issue.

2. HYZUO sleeve for 14-inch MacBook Pro

What I love most about this sleeve is the hidden magnetic latch that keeps the cover attached and allows you to take the MacBook Pro in and out of the sleeve without causing any scratches. The sleeve also feels good to touch, and you will love the in-hand feel.

Since the bag doesn’t come with pockets for storing your accessories, HYZUO provides you with a separate pouch for carrying chargers, wires, and other accessories. I also love the pastel color theme of the product as it gives it a modern and pristine look.

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3. FINPAC hard laptop sleeve

If you have butter-fingers and are prone to dropping your laptops, you should invest in a hard laptop sleeve that can handle some abuse while protecting your MacBook Pro. The sleeve uses a semi-hard EVA shell with anti-scratching polyester to protect the MacBook Pro 14-inch from external shock, scratches, dust, and bumps. It also features 5mm thick padding that helps absorb the shock resulting from impact, so your Mac remains safe.

3. FINPAC hard laptop sleeve

The case is also water-resistant to an extent thanks to its use of 1600D high-density polyester material for the outer layering. It can easily keep spilled drink and water splashes from entering inside and causing water damage. If you want some extra protection for your MacBook, you should check it out.

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4. tomtoc 360 protective sleeve for 14-inch MacBook Pro

The tomtoc 360 protective sleeve for a 14-inch MacBook Pro is for people who want a sleeve that can stand in its own right as a carrying bag for the laptop. The sleeve comes with a carrying handle, making it easy for you to carry your MacBook Pro around town with ease. The sleeve also offers extreme protection.

5. tomtoc 360 protective sleeve for 14-inch MacBook Pro

With a water-resistant fabric on the outside, super-soft fleece on the cushion inside, and reinforced rubber CornerArmors, the sleeve can easily handle drops, falls, and bumps. Once your MacBook Pro is inside this sleeve, it’s not getting any damage in normal circumstances. We also love that the sleeve comes with front-zipper pockets that let you carry accessories like wires, chargers, pens, and more.

If you are someone who loves to go around town to sit and work in cafes or co-working places, this is the perfect sleeve for you. I do wish that there was a shoulder strap as it would have made carrying this around so much easier.

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5. Native Union STOW Slim for MacBook Pro 14-inch

If you want a slim and premium sleeve for your MacBook Pro 14, the Native Union STOW Slim is the best one to buy. It’s an ultra-slim sleeve that is easy to carry in hand. The top of the sleeve has a magnetic closure that keeps the laptop snug inside the sleeve. The sleeve features a canvas finish with wear-resistant textile exterior and a soft quilted interior to prevent scratches and scuffs. Available in two beautiful colors (Indigo and Slate), this is one of the best sleeves for the 14-inch MacBook Pro to buy.

Native Union STOW Slim for MacBook Pro 14-inch

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6 KALIDI laptop sleeve with stand

The KALIDI sleeve for the 14-inch MacBook Pro is similar to the HYZUO sleeve we mentioned above, as it uses the same water-resistant Faux Suede Leather material and is available in similar pastel colors. You also get a similar hidden magnet latch and an accompanying pouch for carrying accessories. Still, it deserves a place on this list because it does things a little differently, which gives it a unique style of its own.

4. KALIDI laptop sleeve with stand

First of all, instead of giving you a vertical opening, the sleeve has a horizontal opening that makes it easier for you to take the MacBook Pro in and out of the sleeve. Second, and more importantly, it can also function as a make-shift stand for the MacBook Pro, giving you a better typing angle. If you are a fan of inclined typing angles, this might be the right sleeve for you.

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7. hecho leather sleeve

If you are looking for a premium and slim leather sleeve for the 14-inch MacBook Pro, check out the hecho leather sleeve. The sleeve uses robust cowhide leather on the outside and velvety soft lining on the inside to protect your MacBook and prevent scratches. Every sleeve is made by artisans and is tailored to fit the 14-inch MacBook Pro with precision.

6. hecho leather sleeve

Since it's made from real cowhide leather, it develops a special patina over time that makes the color tones shine even darker and stronger. If you love the natural patina effect on leather, you will love this sleeve.

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8. Londo top grain leather sleeve

If you want your sleeve to have a personality, check out the Londo top grain leather sleeve. Made from genuine cowhide leather, the sleeve features artisanal stitching, giving it a unique look. It’s available in several designs, each one telling a different design story. Combined with the look and feel of cowhide leather, these sleeves make a statement that no other on this list can.

7. Londo top grain leather sleeve

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Top 14-inch MacBook Pro sleeves to buy

Whether you are looking for a budget sleeve, a premium leather sleeve, or anything in between, you will find a sleeve on this list that will match your needs. Check them out and let us know which sleeve you are buying. If you have any questions, you can reach us on Twitter.