7 Best Monitor Light Bars to Buy in 2023

desk setup showing MacBook Pro and a monitor with monitor light bar
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If you use an external monitor and work late at night, a monitor light bar (also known as a screen bar) will improve your work environment. A good monitor light bar evenly illuminates your desk without causing any glare on the screen. It means you can keep the ambient lighting off and still see everything on your desk. It also results in less strain on your eyes. If you work the graveyard shift, you should especially consider investing in a good monitor light bar. Here are the best monitor light bars you can buy to improve your setup in 2023.

But first,

Best monitor light bars to buy in 2023

Before we proceed to our list of best monitor light bars, here are some things you should keep in mind while purchasing one. If you want to skip to our selection of monitor light bars, use the table of content below.

Things to keep in mind before buying a monitor light bar

  • Adjustable angles: A good monitor light bar should have adjustable angles, as it will help you get the perfect lighting. You can adjust the angles to get the least screen glare and avoid reflections. The adjustable angle also comes in handy when making video calls, as you can set the lights to illuminate your face for better visibility.
  • Adjustable color temperature: The monitor light bar should also have an adjustable color temperature. You can set the color temperature to a warmer hue during the night to ensure that you are receiving less blue light.
  • Adjustable brightness level: Your monitor light bar should also support multiple brightness levels so you can adjust the brightness to your preference and ambient lighting conditions.

Based on these criteria, here are the best monitor lights we think you should buy in 2023.

Note: We have used light bar and screen bar interchangeably in this article as they both represent the same thing.

1. Xiaomi Mi computer monitor light bar

The Xiaomi Mi computer monitor light bar is one of the best monitor light bars that you can buy in 2022. It works with both curve and flat displays, making it the perfect accessory for any type of desk setup. One good thing about this light bar is that it’s not permanently attached to the stand. It attaches magnetically to the stand, allowing you to remove the light bar when needed.

Xiaomi Mi computer monitor light bar

Our favorite feature of this light bar is the circular remote control that lets you easily adjust the brightness and temperature of the light. That means you don’t have to hunt for the touch controls on top of the light bar. Note that some users have reported that this light bar doesn’t work great with ultra-slim monitors.

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2. LOFTER monitor screen bar light

The LOFTER monitor screen bar light is one of the best budget light bars you can buy in 2022. The light bar has all the features you would require from a good screen light bar. It sticks to the top of the display and doesn’t take any space on your desk. It has built-in 84 LEDs (42 Cool White LEDs, 42 Warm Color LEDs). That means you can switch to warm light, cool light, or natural light, as per your needs.

LOFTER monitor screen bar light

I also love that this monitor light bar comes with ten brightness adjustment levels that you can control with its inline cable buttons. You can power the light bar by plugging its USB-A cable into your computer or power bank. It sits at a good angle that reduces glare and screen reflection. That said, you are missing out on the adjustable angle feature with this light bar. But considering the price, it’s a good value for money light bar to buy.

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3. BenQ ScreenBar

If you are looking for a premium light bar, the BenQ ScreenBar is for you. The light bar promises to create perfect ambient lighting conditions for gaming, working, and reading. It gives 500 Lux of light overall, with center lighting reaching up to 900 Lux. You can adjust the color hue to get both cool and warm lights as per your need.

 BenQ ScreenBar

The light bar comes with an ambient light sensor that detects the surrounding brightness and then supplements it with the right light you need for an eye-healthy workspace. It features BenQ’s patented asymmetrical optical design that only illuminates the desk and ensures zero reflective glare off the screen.

Note that if you use a monitor with ultra-slim bezels, it might not be the product for you as it works only with monitors with bezels wider than 0.8cm (0.32-inch).

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4. AmazLit LED desk monitor light bar

If your monitor is too slim or curved to connect a light bar, the AmazLit LED desk monitor light bar is for you. Instead of connecting to the monitor, this light bar attaches to your desk using a strong clamping mechanism. The arch shape of the light bar stand allows it to go over your display and act as a monitor light bar instead of a normal desk lamp.

AmazLit LED desk monitor light bar

The AmazLit LED screen bar uses the latest LED technology to produce soft light with no blue light. It has an asymmetrical optical design with a side-emitting light source, which eliminates screen glare. The light bar also features gesture control, allowing you to turn it on and off with a simple hand-waving gesture. It also offers touch control to adjust the brightness and color temperature.

If your monitor cannot support a light bar attachment or you do not want to attach a light bar to your monitor, the AmazLit LED desk monitor light bar is a good solution. It’s also great for people who don’t use a monitor and work primarily on their laptop.

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5. YEELIGHT monitor light bar

If you want to create the perfect lighting for your gaming desk setup, the YEELIGHT monitor light bar with RGB is for you. It’s a smart light bar that works with both Google Assistant and Alexa, allowing you to control the light with your voice. Sadly, there’s no Siri integration, so Apple users will have to do with manual controls. However, that’s not much of an issue as this monitor light bar also comes with a handy rotary switch that allows users to turn it on and off, change the color temperature, adjust brightness, and more.

6. YEELIGHT monitor light bar

What makes this monitor light unique is its RGB capabilities. You can customize your personal lighting effect using 16.8 million available colors. We also love that this monitor light bar uses high-quality LED beads that emit soft and flicker-free light. You can set the white color temperature between 2700K-6500K, and the brightness can go as low as 1%, allowing you to create the perfect work environment.

The screen light also gives 25 degrees of angle adjustment, allowing you to get the perfect angle for lighting on your desk. Gamers will be happy to know that the YEELIGHT monitor light bar works with Razer Chroma, allowing you to create unique lighting effects in Chroma Studio.

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6. Quntis screen light bar

The Quntis screen light bar offers a ton of features without asking for a premium price. The light bar uses aluminum and plastic for its constriction, which gives it a premium look and feel. It restricts the illumination to a 45-degree angle, so the light is never on your face, thus reducing eye strain and fatigue. It also covers a good range of colors (3000K to 6500K), allowing you to change the color temperature according to your needs. You also get 700 Lux of brightness.

Quntis screen light bar

My favorite feature of this light bar is the auto-dimming feature which adjusts the brightness of the light bar according to ambient lighting conditions. Its shape allows you to attache the light bar to any monitor between 22 to 29 inches, making it the perfect option for iMac users.

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7. Baseus monitor light bar

The Baseus monitor light bar is an excellent light bar that you can buy for your enteral monitor setup. It features an asymmetrical light design that only illuminates the keyboard and desktop area and reduces flickers and glare on the screen. The light bar comes with touch-sensitive controls that let you adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light bar as per your needs. The light bar clamps the back of the monitor and works perfectly with flat monitors.

Baseus monitor light bar

One of my favorite features of this light bar is that it comes with a light memory function that remembers your past settings and resumes your last used brightness and color temperature settings when you turn it on. We also love that the light bar supports adjustable angles so you can adjust the angles to illuminate your face when making video calls.

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Top monitor light bars to buy: final thoughts

If you spend an extended period of time on your desk, you should invest in a good light bar. It will help you create the perfect lighting conditions, thus reducing strain on your eyes and reducing fatigue. Check out our list and let us know which monitor light bar you purchased for your desk setup. Also, do not forget to follow us on Twitter to get notified whenever we publish a new article.