How to Delete Reading List on Mac and iPhone

Safari Reading List Delete confirmation dialogue screenshot

The Safari Reading List feature on iPhone and Mac allows you to save webpages to read them later. However, most of us end up adding too many articles to our Safari Reading List, which results in us not reading any articles at all. So in this guide, we will show you how to delete the reading list on Mac and iPhone to give yourself a fresh start.

Delete Safari Reading List on Mac and iPhone

One of the reasons why the Safari Reading List becomes overbearing is that we are not good at triaging articles. We add anything we think is important to our Reading List, only to never read them again. That’s why we recommend using an RSS reader for Mac for triaging articles and only adding those articles to the Reading List that are important.

How to delete Safari Reading List on Mac

In this section of the guide, we will show you how you can remove articles from the Reading List in Safari on Mac. We will show how to remove individual items and all articles at once to clear the Reading List.

1. Use Spotlight to launch Safari or go to Finder → Applications and double-click on Safari to launch it.

Launching Safari using Spotlight

2. Now, click on the Show Sidebar button.

Safari showing Sidebar button

3. Click to choose the Reading List option.

choosing the reading list option

4. To remove an item from the Reading List on Mac, right-click (Ctrl+click) on it and choose the Remove Item option.

screenshot showing right-click menu on a reading list item

5. To clear your entire Reading List, right-click on an empty space in the sidebar and choose the Clear All Items… button.

right-click menu on an empty space

6. Finally, confirm the operation by clicking on the Clear button.

Reading List Delete confirmation dialogue screenshot

How to delete Reading List on iPhone

Like on the Mac, you can also delete Reading List on iPhone. Since your Reading List is synced across devices, you don’t need to delete the Reading List on each device. Once you delete the Safari Reading List on your iPhone or Mac, it will be deleted on all devices.

1. Launch the Safari app and tap on the bookmark icon.

Opening Safari and choosing bookmark

2. Choose the Reading List option (the middle one) and swipe up to see it in full screen.

opening reading list

3. Now, swipe from right to left on the item you want to delete and tap the red Delete button to delete it.

swiping and deleting an item from reading list

4. Alternatively, long-press on an article and choose the Delete option.

long-pressing and deleting item from reading list

5. To delete multiple items from Reading List, tap the Edit button. Now tap to choose the articles you want to delete and tap the Delete All button to delete them.

selecting and deleting multiple items from reading list

Steps to delete Safari Reading List on Mac and iPhone

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