How to Ping iPhone from Apple Watch

Hand wearing Apple Watch and iPhone 15 Pro on table top

With the latest WatchOS update, Apple has removed the ability to open the Control Center using the swipe-up gesture. This change has confused Apple Watch users as they don’t know how to open the Control Center and use the Ping feature to find their iPhones. Here’s how to ping iPhone from Apple Watch to find it. 

Use Apple Watch to find your iPhone

You can easily ping your iPhone from Apple Watch to play notification sounds and turn on the flashlight to locate it. 

1. Instead of swiping up from the bottom as you used to, single press the Side Button to bring up the Control Center.

Apple Watch Side Button

2. Now tap the button that looks like an iPhone to ping your iPhone. It will start playing a sound you can use to locate your iPhone. 

Apple Watch Ping Icon

3. If you are in a dark environment, hold down the ping button to flash the flashlight on your iPhone. 

Light Flashing on iPhone

That’s it. That’s how you can use your Apple Watch to ping your iPhone. If you liked this guide and want to learn more such tips and tricks, sign up on your website to get the content right in your inbox. Also, check out our favorite Apple Watch travel cases to securely carry your Apple Watch while traveling.