Mac Weekly — 24 Hour Wallpaper: Best Dynamic Wallpaper App for Mac

24 Hour Wallpaper is a dynamic wallpaper app for Mac that brings quality dynamic wallpaper that changes with time of the day.

Mac Weekly — 24 Hour Wallpaper: Best Dynamic Wallpaper App for Mac

Since the introduction of dark mode and dynamic wallpaper in macOS Mojave, I have always looked out for ways to use dynamic wallpapers on Mac. Apple provides us with only two dynamic wallpapers, hence, the hunger for more such wallpapers remains alive and well. I am happy to report that finally, there is an app that lets you download and use dynamic wallpapers without any hacks or work on your part. The app is aptly named, "24 Hour Wallpaper," and in this article, I am going to tell you all about it.

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24 Hour Wallpaper: Use Dynamic Wallpaper on Mac

Unlike most Mac users who use their Macs entirely on Dark or Light mode, I use the automatic mode that changes the appearance of the operating system based on the time of the day. This way, I get to enjoy both the light mode and dark mode on my Mac, while also ensuring that I don’t get blinded at night.

For the same reason, I also love to use dynamic wallpapers as it changes the appearance from light to dark as the night falls. 24 Hour Wallpaper brings a set of more than 50 dynamic wallpapers. Each dynamic wallpaper consists of a set of 33 wallpapers that denotes the different time of the day. That means your wallpaper changes color at least once an hour to mark the passage of time.

User Interface

24 Hour Wallpaper brings a simple and functional user interface. It is a Menu Bar app that sits there until you need it. You can click on the Menu Bar icon to reveal different options. Here, you can change the wallpaper by going to Next Wallpaper or select a different wallpaper by using the “Current Wallpaper” button.

24 Hour Wallpaper Menu Bar App
24 Hour Wallpaper Menu Bar App

For exploring the wallpapers with preview, you can use the “Browse” button. There’s the main panel that shows you the preview of wallpapers. Wallpapers change the colors to show how they will look through the day. On the right side, a small panel shows the list of all wallpapers.

24 Hour Wallpaper - Main Panel

You can use the toggle at the top to select different categories of wallpapers. Here, you also can access the wallpapers you set as favorites.

Setting wallpaper is also easy. You click on the “Download & Set as Wallpaper” and the app will set the wallpaper for you.

Fixed View Wallpapers vs Mixed View Wallpapers

There are two types of wallpapers in the 24 Hour Wallpaper app - Fixed View and Mixed View. The Fixed view wallpapers show the same location at different times of the day.

Fixed View Wallpaper
Fixed View Wallpaper

The Mixed view wallpapers show different photos of the same location at different times of the day.

Mixed View Wallpaper
Mixed View Wallpaper


The app costs $9.99 on the App Store, and I find that reasonable. You are getting quality dynamic wallpapers, beautiful user interface, and no ads. That said, I did not have to purchase the app as it is a part of my SetApp subscription.

24 Hour Wallpaper: Final Thoughts

If you love wallpapers, you should use 24 Hour Wallpaper. And if you like this article, do not forget to check out our article on the best iPhone wallpaper apps. You will find apps that offer beautiful iPhone wallpapers there.