4 Best Cooling Pad Stands for MacBook Air M2 to Solve Overheating Issues

M2 MacBook Air with white background - Best Cooling Pad Stands for MacBook Air M2
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The new MacBook Air M2 has many positive things going for it, including its attractive design, impressive edge-to-edge display, and powerful M2 chip that offers 20-40% better performance than the M1 chip depending on the task. However, the laptop has received some negative reviews due to slower SSD speeds on the base model and overheating problems. While the slower SSD speeds cannot be addressed, using a cooling pad stand may help resolve the overheating issues by cooling the M2 MacBook Air and preventing it from getting too hot.

But before we begin:

Best cooling pad stands for MacBook Air M2

The Apple M2 chip is powerful and draws more power which in turn results in more heat. It’s not an issue if you are just checking your emails or streaming videos, but any extended workload will heat the internals. Since there’s no fan inside, the M2 Air will throttle down the performance to lower the temperature.

The cooling pad stands we are featuring here solve this issue to a degree, by providing built-in fans in the stand that draw out the excess heat from the body of the MacBook Air M2 to keep it cool. While this is not as good as having a fan inside the MacBook Air M2, these pads help get rid of the heat quickly.

If you have purchased the MacBook Air M2, these cooling pad stands are some of the best MacBook Air M2 accessories you can buy right now.

Note: Most of these stands use USB-A for power which is a port that’s missing on the MacBook Air M2. You can easily solve this issue by buying a cheap USB-A to USB-C dongle.

1. Lamicall laptop cooling stand for MacBook Air M2

The M2 MacBook Air doesn’t have a built-in cooling fan which restricts its performance. If you have read the reviews, you will know that the M2 MacBook Air throttles quite a lot to keep the temperatures in check, so you won’t get sustained performance.

Lamicall stand

That’s why I recommend you invest in a laptop cooling stand with built-in fans like the Lamicall laptop cooling stand. It features a mesh design and a big fan spinning at adjustable speed from 700 - 1400 RPM. The increased airflow will pull the heat from the back of the M2 MacBook Air and dissipate it faster, so it doesn’t throttle the performance.

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2. EPN stand with USB cooling fan

If you want a stand that not only cools down your MacBook Air M2, but also matches its machined aesthetics, check out the EPN stand with a USB cooling fan. The stand is made of high-precision aluminum alloy, which not only makes it look cool but also helps in drawing out the heat from the chassis of the MacBook Air M2.

EPN stand with USB cooling fan

The stand can raise the MacBook Air M2 to up to 11-inches, allowing you to adjust the height of the laptop to bring it to your eye level for comfortable typing. There’s a large air volume fan that is ultra-quiet and can speed up the cooling of the MacBook Air M2.

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3. FOFOTOSS adjustable laptop cooling pad stand for MacBook Air M2

Another good M2 MacBook Air cooling stand is the FOFOTOSS stand which is made of aluminum alloy and has non-slip pads that will keep the laptop in place. The fans are very quiet, which results in a distraction-free working environment. We also like that the stand is height and tilt adjustable, allowing you to get the perfect viewing angle for working on your desk. The laptop stand comes with 24 month warranty and a lifetime of technical support.

FOFOTOSS adjustable laptop cooling pad stand for MacBook Air M2

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4. MagicHold cooling stand for M2 MacBook Air

The MagicHold cooling stand has several features that make it a good buy. First of all, it’s a height-adjustable stand allowing you to raise the MacBook Air to the desired height. Secondly, it comes with powerful fans that can drive the heat away, allowing you to work on your M2 MacBook Air without experiencing any overheating issues. Finally, you also get a built-in USB hub with four USB-A ports. You cannot ask more from a stand, can you?

MagicHold stand

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Solve overheating issues on MacBook Air M2 with these cooling stands

As mentioned before, these stands won’t be as good as having a fan inside the MacBook Air M2, but since that cannot happen, this is the best option for users to solve the overheating issues on the MacBook Air M2. So check out these stands from the list and let us know which one you purchased for your new M2 MacBook Air.