7 Best Lanyard loops for AirPods Pro 2 (2nd Generation)

AirPods Pro 2 with lanyard attached
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The AirPods Pro 2 are the best noise-canceling earphones you can buy for your iPhone. With its new H2 chip, custom‑built driver, and amplifier, the 2nd generation AirPods Pro delivers phenomenal sound. You also get features like Spatial audio, longer battery life, and even better noise cancellation than the previous generation. It’s hard to imagine the engineering required to pull off all these features inside such a tiny space. Another thing that has changed with the AirPods Pro 2 is the case. Now it has its own speaker and a lanyard loop hole. Many of the best cases for AirPods Pro 2 come with their own lanyard attachment. However, if you want to go case free, here are the best lanyard loops for AirPods Pro 2 (2nd generation) you can buy in 2023.

Best lanyard loops for AirPods Pro 2 (2nd Generation) in 2023

Lanyard loops are affordable, and you won’t find any of these products out of your budget. Apple AirPods Pro 2 replacement ear tips are another affordable accessory class that you can buy to improve your AirPods Pro. You can check them out in the linked article, but first, let us get to the guide you came to read.

1. Oakxco Airpods Pro 2 lanyard loop

The Oakxco lanyard loop is one of the best lanyards you can buy for your AirPods Pro 2. The lanyard uses an adjustable and comfortable nylon strap and is available in multiple colors, including black, blue, orange, sage green, and more. We recommend buying the orange color, as it makes it easy to locate your AirPods Pro 2. The lanyard is sturdy and will last you for a long time.

Oakxco Airpods Pro 2 lanyard loop

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2. Spigen Lanyard for Apple Airpods Pro 2nd Generation

Spigen has made its name by producing quality accessories, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product here. It features a dacron braided strap that is comfortable and flexible. The wrist strap is adjustable, allowing you to get the best fit.

Spigen Lanyard for Apple Airpods Pro (2nd Generation)

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3. BIRCH wrist hand lanyard

If you prefer to have a flat strip around your wrists, you will like BIRCH's wrist hand lanyard. It features a soft, durable, and comfortable strap, that won’t annoy you even after prolonged use. It can hold up to 3-4 pounds of weight, meaning your AirPods Pro 2 has no chance of breaking the lanyard with its weight.

BIRCH's wrist hand lanyard

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4. YOUOWO lanyard compatible with AirPods Pro 2

The YOUOWO lanyard feature here is 9-inches in length and comes with an adjustable wrist strap. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it ensures sufficient contact with the skin and is comfortable to wear for an extended time. YOUOWO has also added a harmless reflective material, which makes the lanyard eye-catching and easy to locate.

YOUOWO lanyard compatible with AirPods Pro 2

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5. Ckeyias rope lanyard compatible with AirPods Pro 2

Made of high-quality braided PPM (polypropylene) material, the soft braided cord lanyard does not absorb moisture and remains clean. It has an integrated cord clip that easily and securely attaches to a bag, backpack, or handbag, so you don’t have to carry your AirPods Pro in hand. We also love the floroscent green color of the lanyard which makes it easy to spot.

Ckeyias rope lanyard compatible with AirPods Pro 2

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6. Ringke lanyard finger strap

While wrist lanyards work great, if you want something compact, you can buy this Ringke finger strap lanyard for your AirPods Pro 2. Considering the size of AirPods, this might make more sense. The lanyard is made from interwoven parachute cord material which is both sturdy and comfortable. The built-in adjuster lets you easily adjust the strap to fit your fingers. It comes in a pack of four.

Ringke lanyard finger strap

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7. Incase lanyard

While Apple doesn’t officially make a lanyard, it sells Incase lanyards on its website. The lanyard is similar to the braided rope lanyard we have featured above. It features a soft braided cord as a wrist loop with an integrated clip that you can attach the lanyard to a backpack or handbag.

Incase lanyard

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Best AirPods Pro 2 lanyards to buy

There’s not much to say about lanyards because they are lanyards. We only made this list, so you have different options for lanyards. That’s why we have included braided lanyards, flat lanyards, and finger lanyards. So, check them out and buy the one that you like. We also recommend checking out the best 3-in-1 Apple charging stations that will allow you to charge your AirPods Pro 2, Apple Watch, and iPhone simultaneously.