6 Best Lanyard loops for AirPods Pro 2 (2nd Generation)

AirPods Pro 2 with lanyard attached

Along with the new iPhone 14 Series, Apple Watch 8, and Apple Watch Ultra, Apple also announced its 2nd Generation AirPods Pro. The new AirPods Pro 2 come with several enhancements offering better battery life, double the noise cancellation, touch-sensitive volume controls, and more. What makes these AirPods Pro even more exciting is the new case that now gets a speaker for Find My support, a lanyard loop for easy carry, wireless charging support for MagSafe and Apple Watch chargers, and more battery. We have already placed our orders for the AirPods Pro 2 and if you are also picking it up, here are the best lanyard loops for AirPods Pro 2nd generation you should buy.

But before we begin:

Best lanyard loops for AirPods Pro 2 (2nd Generation)

Lanyard loops are quite affordable, and you won’t find any of these products out of your budget. Still, we have organized the list in ascending order of price to make it easier for you to choose.

1. Spigen Lanyard for Apple Airpods Pro (2nd Generation)

Spigen makes some of the best cases for AirPods Pro 2  (2nd generation). The company has made its name by producing quality accessories, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product here. It features a dacron braided strap that is comfortable and flexible. The wrist strap is adjustable, allowing you to get the best fit.

Spigen Lanyard for Apple Airpods Pro (2nd Generation)
Note that while it's the cheapest on this list, you are only getting one lanyard. Other options on this list might come in multi-pack, making the relative price of each lanyard cheaper than Spigen’s offering.

Buy from Amazon: $6.99

2. BIRCH's wrist hand lanyard

If you prefer to have a flat strip around your wrists, you will like BIRCH's wrist hand lanyard. It features a soft, durable, and comfortable strap, that won’t annoy you even after prolonged use. It can hold up to 3-4 pounds of weight, meaning your AirPods Pro 2 has no chance of breaking the lanyard with its weight.

BIRCH's wrist hand lanyard

Buy from Amazon: $7.49 (pack of 6)

3. YOUOWO lanyard compatible with AirPods Pro 2

The YOUOWO lanyard feature here is 9-inches in length and comes with an adjustable wrist strap. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it ensures sufficient contact with the skin and is comfortable to wear for an extended time. YOUOWO has also added a harmless reflective material, which makes the lanyard eye-catching and easy to locate.

YOUOWO lanyard compatible with AirPods Pro 2

Buy from Amazon: $8.99 (pack of 5)

4. Braided rope lanyard compatible with AirPods Pro 2

Made of high-quality materials, the soft braided cord lanyard ensures maximum comfort when used. It has an integrated cord clip that easily and securely attaches to a bag, backpack, or handbag, so you don’t have to carry your AirPods Pro in hand.

Braided rope lanyard compatible with AirPods Pro 2

Buy from Amazon: $9.89

5. Ringke lanyard finger strap

While wrist lanyards work great, if you want something compact, you can buy this Ringke finger strap lanyard for your AirPods Pro 2. Considering the size of AirPods, this might make more sense. The lanyard is made from interwoven parachute cord material which is both sturdy and comfortable. The built-in adjuster lets you easily adjust the strap to fit your fingers. It comes in a pack of four.

Ringke lanyard finger strap

Buy from Amazon: $11.99 (pack of 4)

6. Incase lanyard

While Apple doesn’t officially make a lanyard, it sells Incase lanyards on its website. The lanyard is similar to the braided rope lanyard we have featured above. It features a soft braided cord as a wrist loop with an integrated clip that you can attach the lanyard to a backpack or handbag.

Incase lanyard

Buy from Amazon: $12.95

Best AirPods Pro 2 lanyards to buy

There’s not much to say about lanyards, because they are, well lanyards. We only made this list, so you have different options for lanyards. That’s why we have included braided lanyards, flat lanyards, and even finger lanyards. So, check them out and buy the one that you like.