5 Best sleeves for 15-inch MacBook Air M2

MacBook Air M2 with pink background
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At its WWDC 2023 event, Apple finally introduced its much-awaited 15-inch MacBook Air M2. The biggest surprise of the announcement was its price. Before the launch of the 15-inch M2 MacBook Air, if you wanted a large-screen Mac laptop, you had to spend upwards of $2000 on a MacBook Pro. But not everyone needs the power of a MacBook Pro, so asking them to pay an excess of $800 to get the larger screen was criminal. Priced at only $1,299, the 15-inch MacBook Air has finally made it possible for regular customers to get a big-screen Mac laptop. We do not doubt that this is going to sell like hotcakes. If you have also placed your order, here are the best 15-inch MacBook Air M2 sleeves you can buy to protect it.

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Best 15-inch M2 MacBook Air sleeves to buy

A sleeve is one of the best accessories for MacBooks you can buy. It ensures that your MacBook Air is protected in transit and allows you to carry your laptop safely. Some sleeves even offer extra pockets, allowing you to carry chargers, cables, and other accessories.

1. JETech laptop sleeve

If you are looking for an affordable option, the JETech laptop sleeve for 15-inch MacBook Air M2 is one of the best ones on the market. It features a rugged and splash-proof exterior with a foam-padded interior and can handle day-to-day use, falls, and drops. The foam interior also prevents scratches and scuffs from marring the good looks of the M2 MacBook Air.

JETech laptop sleeve

The durable zipper lasts a long time and allows you to access your MacBook Air. The sleeve also has a front pocket that can fit accessories like earphones, notebooks, pens, and more. While the sleeve is not specifically designed for MacBook Air M2, it can easily accommodate the laptop and keep it safe.

It is one of the most highly-rated sleeves for 15-inch laptops with over 30,000 customers giving it a near-perfect rating. They like it for its affordable price and durable design.

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2. FINPAC hard sleeve case for 15-inch MacBook Air M2

If you are prone to dropping your tech gadgets and want something sturdy to protect your brand-new 15-inch M2 MacBook Air, check out this FINPAC hard sleeve case. The sleeve uses a semi-hard EVA outer shell with scratch-resistant polyester and can protect your laptop against external shock, scratches, dust, and bumps.

FINPAC hard sleeve case for 15-inch MacBook Air M2

The inside of the sleeve has 5mm padding that absorbs shock and keeps the laptop safe. The FINPAC sleeve case is also water repellant, so a little rain or spilled water won’t fry your MacBook Air. You won’t find any extra packets to carry your accessories, but it will protect your pricey investment.

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3. tomtoc 360 protective laptop sleeve for 15-inch new MacBook Air M2

tomtoc is one of our favorite brands to purchase cases and sleeves from, as it offers high-quality products. We have used tomtoc sleeves in the past, and we can assure you of their quality. The tomtoc 360 protective laptop sleeve uses quality YKK zippers and water-resistant recycled fabrics. It has been certified Military-Grade Protection, meaning it can handle drops, falls, and impacts, and keep your brand new M2 MacBook Air safe.

tomtoc 360 protective laptop sleeve for 15-inch new MacBook Air M2

The sleeve has a big front pocket that can fit several accessories, including chargers, wires, USB-C dongles, and more. The comfortable PU leather handle at the top allows you to carry your MacBook Air M2 without requiring a backpack. The inside of the sleeve is lined with a soft fleece cushion which prevents scratches and scuffs.

The tomtoc 360 protective laptop sleeve for a 15-inch new MacBook Air M2 is one of the best sleeves you can buy, and we recommend it without any qualms.

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4. Apple leather sleeve

Apple leather sleeves were some of the best leather sleeves you could buy for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. It seems the company is not actively selling its MacBook sleeves anymore, but you can still find some leftover stock on Amazon. The best part is that they are available at nearly half the price.

Apple leather sleeve

Made for the 15-inch MacBook Pro, this leather sleeve will easily fit your 15-inch M2 MacBook Air. Like all Apple products, the sleeve features Apple's attention to detail and is made using high-quality European leather. The sleeve also has a soft microfiber lining which will prevent scratches and scuffs.

Note that this is an ultra-slim sleeve so it won’t offer drop protection. However, it makes up for it with its exquisite craftsmanship and premium construction.

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5. Native Union Stow Slim

The Native Union Stow Slim is one of the best-looking premium sleeves you can buy for your MacBook Air 15. It sports a minimal design that gives it professional aesthetics. The sleeve uses a wear and tear-resistant textile exterior and pairs it with a soft quilted interior. For easy access to the laptop, Native Union has opted for a magnetic latch instead of zippers.

Native Union Stow Slim

The sleeve also features a slim outside pocket which is perfect for carrying documents, charging wire, and pens. While it’s almost double the price of any other sleeve featured on this list, we can assure you that once you get it in your hands, you will appreciate where your money went.

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Best 15-inch M2 MacBook Air sleeves to buy

The 15-inch M2 MacBook Air is the slimmest 15-inch laptop you can buy. The M2 chipset is powerful enough for all regular tasks and can even handle processor-intensive tasks like video and photo editing. The fact that it is available at only $1299 is a win for consumers. To ensure its longevity, buy any of the sleeves on this list and protect your pricey investment.