How to Customize Apple Books Page Turning Animation on iPhone

Here is how you can customize the page turning animation in Apple Books to bring back the old page turn.

How to Customize Apple Books Page Turning Animation on iPhone

The iOS 16 update introduced several new features to the stock iOS Apps. Users can now edit and unsend iMessages, schedule an email, merge duplicate contacts, and more. The Books app also received a major overhaul. It got a new reading menu, a double-tap to create a new bookmark feature, and new page customization options. Apple also removed the page turning animation, which made users quite unhappy. Thankfully, the page turning animation is back with the iOS 16.4 update, and Apple allows users to choose the type of animation they want. Here is how you can customize the Apple Books page turning animation.

Bring back Apple Books page turning animation

The new page turning animation customization feature was released with iOS 16.4 Developer Beta 2. If you are not running the Developer Beta on your phone, don’t worry, it will soon make its way to the general public.

1. Launch the Apple Books app on your iPhone and tap on a book to open it.

screenshot showing Apple Books app

2. Tap on a page to reveal the reading menu. Tap on it and choose the Themes & Settings option.

screenshot showing Apple Books reading menu

3. Tap the page turning animation button and choose the Curl option to bring back the old page turning animation.

screenshot showing Apple Books Page Turning animation option

4. You can choose Slide to keep the modern slide animation or choose None to remove all the animation.

screenshot showing Slide aniamtion

5. As you can see, choosing the Curl animation brings the old page turning animation back.

screenshot showing  curl animation

You can also change the page turning animation using the Settings app on your iPhone.

1. Launch the Settings app and choose the Books option.

screenshot showing Settings app in iPhone

2. Scroll down and tap to open Page Turn Animation and choose the animation you like.

screenshot showing page turn animation setting

Customize page turning animation in Apple Books

If you loved the old page turning animation, you can now bring it back. If you want to check all the new updates Apple Books has received with iOS 16 update, you should check out this informative TidBits article on Apple Books.