How to Hide Locked WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

Hand holding iPhone showing hide locked chat on WhatsApp

If you are a WhatsApp user, you probably know that you can lock WhatsApp chats on iPhone to add extra security to your personal chats. While this ensures that no one can read your locked chats, they can still see that some of your chats are locked, which might raise unwanted questions. Thankfully, WhatsApp recently released a feature that allows you to hide locked WhatsApp chats behind a secret code so no one can find your locked chats. 

Hide locked WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

I like it when apps and services add enhanced privacy features to protect our data. Just like you can hide the hidden folder in the Photos app on iPhone, now you can hide the locked chats in WhatsApp to add extra security.

1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone, open the chat you want to lock and tap on its name. 

Opening WhatsApp chat to lock

2. Scroll down to find the Lock chat option and turn on the toggle to lock the chat. 

Using locked chat option to lock chat

3. On your chat’s homepage, you can swipe down to reveal the Locked chats folder. Tap on it to authenticate and open it. 

swiping down to reveal locked chats folder

4. Now tap the Settings button in the top-right corner and enable the toggle for Hide Locked Chats.

opening locked chat settings

5. Tap the Create secret code button and set your secret code. I will just put in “secret”. Tap the Next button in the top-right corner.

entering secret code

6. Re-enter your secret code to confirm and tap the Done button to save it. You will see an on-screen confirmation that Locked chats are hidden and your secret code is set.

confirming secret code

7. Now, you will notice that swiping down on the chat home screen doesn’t reveal a Locked chats folder. To find your locked chats, tap the search bar and enter your secret code. 

revealing locked chat using secret code

Remember that your secret code is case-sensitive. Since my secret code was all in small letters, entering it with a capital letter wouldn’t reveal it. I have to enter the code in lower case to reveal it. 

Since I am using an iPhone with FaceID, my locked folder is instantly unlocked, and I can tap on it to access it. If you are using a phone with TouchID, you have to authenticate with it after you tap to open the Locked chats  folder.

That is how you can hide your locked chats behind a secret code so no one can find out your locked chats. If you liked this guide, click the link to find out how to send HD photos on WhatsApp on iPhone.