How to Create Subtitles for Video for Free

Learn how to create subtitles for video for free. Easily transcribe and export subtitles in SRT format.

How to Create Subtitles for Video for Free

If you are a video creator, you know that adding subtitles to your video can increase the legibility of your content. Whether you have an accent or want your content to be equally enjoyable to people who are hard of hearing, adding subtitles to your videos is always a good option. 

We have recently moved into YouTube content creation and making videos alongside our written content. We were searching for a good tool that lets us easily create subtitles, and we have finally found one. The tool is splendid and creates subtitles with correct timestamps. Here’s how to create subtitles for video for free. 

Create video subtitles for free 

If you love to use subtitles while watching content, there’s no dearth of websites that let you download subtitles for popular pieces of content. However, if you are creating video content, the onus is on you to create subtitles for it. 

The task was not as easy before, but with the boom of AI tools, creating subtitles for videos is as easy as pressing a button. We tested several apps for this purpose, and finally found one that gives the best results and is the easiest to use. 

It’s called MacWhisper, and here’s how you can use it to create video subtitles for free. 

How to install MacWhisper on your Mac

To create video subtitles, we will download and install the MacWhisper app. It’s available on Gumroad, and you can download it for free. 

1. Click the link to visit MacWhisper’s Gumraod listing page

MacWhisper’s Gumraod listing page

2. Select the â‚¬0 pound option and click on the I want this! button. 

MacWhisper’s Gumraod listing page showing I want this! button

3. Now, enter your email address and click on the Get button. You will get the download link, which you can use to download the app on your Mac. 

MacWhisper’s Gumraod listing page showing email address option

4 To install the app, drag the app in your application folder. Now, you can launch and use it like any other Mac app.

dragging MacWhisper app in application folder
If you have issues opening certain third-party apps, check out how to open any app on your Mac by clicking the link. 

How to use MacWhisper to create subtitles for videos

Now that you have installed the app on your Mac, here’s how you can use it to create video subtitles. 

1 Launch the MacWhiper app on your Mac and download a language model pack. While the app claims to support 100 languages, we have tested for English language only. 

downloading the Small model

For the best results in the free pack, download the Small model. We have been using the free small model, and it delivers decent results with only a few mistakes.

If you want the best results, you can upgrade to the Pro version and download the Medium model.

2. After the download finishes, click on the cross button.

MacWhisper model download page screenshot

3. Now, click the Open Files… button and navigate to the video you want to create subtitles for. 

Open files button

4. Select the file and click the Open button to start transcribing. 

Mac file selector window screenshot

5. Once the app finishes transcribing the audio, you can check and make corrections. Now, click on the Export button. 

MacWhisper export button

6. Select the SRT format and click on the Export button.

MacWhisper Export window showing SRT option

7. Choose the desired location and click the Save button to save the subtitles file.

Saving SRT file on Mac

As you can see, we have successfully created and saved the subtitles for our video.

Create subtitles for video with ease

With the MacWhisper app, creating subtitles for your videos has become easy. You select the file, wait for the app to transcribe it, and export the text in SRT format. Our workflow has become so much easier with this awesome app.