How to Update HomePod mini

Here is how to update HomePod mini using your iPhone.

How to Update HomePod mini
Photo by Matúš Gocman 

While the HomePod mini is not the best smart speaker you can buy, if you are deeply intrenched in the Apple ecosystem, it is the best affordable option for you. Apple’s tight integration of software allows users to easily transfer songs playing on their iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV to HomePod mini via Handoff and AirPlay. I love that when I enter my home, I can just tap my iPhone to the HomePod mini to handoff the song and play it on the speaker. Pairing HomePod mini in stereo and using it as speakers for Apple TV will give you an enthralling movie watching experience. Apple releases new features and patches to keep the HomePod mini up to date. While most updates happen in the background, if your HomePod mini is not receiving automatic updates, here is how you can update HomePod mini.

But first,

Update HomePod mini using your iPhone

You can manually update HomePod mini using the Home app on your iPhone. Before updating ¥our HomePod mini, make sure that your iPhone is updated to the latest software. To do that, launch the Settings app on your iPhone and go to General → Software Update, and install any pending updates. Now, follow the steps below to update your HomePod mini.

1. Launch the Home app on your iPhone and tap the three-dot menu.

Home App

2. Tap on Home Settings and choose the Software Update option.

Home app settings

3. Enable the toggle for HomePod and the app will automatically download and install any pending updates for you.

HomePod mini update page screenshot

If you have enrolled your iPhone in the Apple Beta program, your HomePod mini will also show an option to install beta software.

Install latest HomePod mini updates

For me, the automatic update for HomePod mini has been pretty much seamless. However, if you encounter any issues or want to immediately install a new update, you can use the manual method to update your HomePod mini. If you liked this guide, also check out how you can enable beta updates on your Mac with macOS 13.4.