How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Mac for Free

Shottr app scrolling screenshot tool

The built-in screenshot tool on macOS is feature-rich and good enough for more users. However, it’s still missing some power-user features like content blurring and hiding, adding counters, scrolling screenshots, and more. That’s where excellent third-party screenshot tools like come into play. However, most of these cost money and are not accessible to everyone. That’s why, today, we will tell you about a free app that lets you capture screenshots like a pro for free. Here is how you can take scrolling screenshots on Mac for Free.

Take scrolling screenshots of entire web pages on Mac for free

If you have read our favorite macOS tips and tricks article, you know that you can use the keyboard shortcut CMD+Shift+3/4/5 to take a screenshot of a window or entire screen or record video with ease. However, one missing feature is the ability to take scrolling screenshots.

To get this feature for free, we recommend the excellent screenshot tool called Shottr. The app is free to download and use. You can donate to the developer for creating such an awesome app for free. Before we get to our guide, here are some of our favorite features of Shottr.

  • Super-fast screenshot capture (even faster than native screenshots)
  • Scrolling screenshots
  • Delayed screenshots
  • Easily hide or blur sensitive information
  • Recognize text and QR code
  • Built-in measuring tool to measure size between different UI elements

And the best part is that you can get all these features for free. To proceed with our guide, first, download and install Shottr on your Mac by using the link. Now, follow the steps below to take a scrolling screenshot to capture the entire webpage or anything else you want on your Mac.

Shottr app download page

1. Use Spotlight to launch the Shottr app on your Mac.

Take Scrolling Screenshots on Mac for Free 1

2. While it’s not necessary, we recommend using the Setup Hotkeys button to set up a keyboard shortcut for scrolling screenshots.

Take Scrolling Screenshots on Mac for Free 2

As you can see I have set CMD+Shift+0 as a keyboard shortcut for taking scrolling screenshots.

Take Scrolling Screenshots on Mac for Free 3

3. You can also use the General section to set other parameters for your screenshots.

Take Scrolling Screenshots on Mac for Free 3

4. When you use it for the first time, Shottr will ask permission to capture your screen. Click on Open System Preferences and grant it the required permission.

Take Scrolling Screenshots on Mac for Free 4

5. Now, open the webpage you want to capture and hit the hotkey to start your scrolling screenshot capture. Alternatively, use its Menu Bar icon to select the Scrolling Capture option.

Take Scrolling Screenshots on Mac for Free 5

6. Click and drag the crosshair to set the width of the capture. Now, Shottr will show you a prompt that it will automatically scroll and capture the screenshot for you. Click the Ok button to proceed.

Take Scrolling Screenshots on Mac for Free 6

7. As you can see, Shottr has automatically scrolled the entire webpage and captured it for me. You can now crop, edit, and markup the screenshot as you desire.

Take Scrolling Screenshots on Mac for Free 7

Capture the entire webpage by using scrolling screenshots on Mac

There are best free Mac apps that are better than even their paid counterparts, and Shottr is clearly one of them. We love using the app for capturing and annotating our screenshots. So install the app and use it to take screenshots like a pro. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments and we will answer them as soon as possible.