Ulysses 26 Brings Better Publishing Support, a New Editor Counter, and More

Ulysses 26 brings better publishing support, a new editor counter, support for WordPress Rest API and more.

Ulysses 26 Brings Better Publishing Support, a New Editor Counter, and More

One of the most popular writing apps - Ulysses - has released its latest version 26 update, and it’s bringing a handful of new features.

The Mac app of Ulysses has added a new permanent visible counter in the editor, which shows statistics like characters, words, or paragraphs. Users have been clamoring for this feature, and it’s finally here. In the older versions of Ulysses, you had to open the Dashboard to see the stats, and having it open all the time takes away from the distraction-free writing environment. The feature, however, is exclusive only to the Mac app right now.

Ulysses 26 artwork showing changes

There are three more new features that come with Ulysses version 26, and they are available on all three platforms. Firstly, there’s a new dedicated button for quick access to publishing along with a separate publishing preview. Ulysses has also added support for more blogs and streamlined the publishing process to make it easier for you to publish your posts. Finally, Ulysses 26 has simplified setting up WordPress accounts using the modern REST API.

Ulysses is one of the few apps that has justified its subscription pricing by releasing regular updates every few months. We are happy to see that the company is still continually delivering new and useful features.

If you want to learn how to use Ulysses and find out whether it’s for you or not, check out our review of the app and also our post where we have compared Ulysses with Scrivener.

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