Why I am Buying the iPhone 12 mini Despite Battery Life Concerns

iPhone 12 mini has a smaller battery that results in shorter battery life. Still, I am buying it, and here are my reasons why.

Why I am Buying the iPhone 12 mini Despite Battery Life Concerns

By now, everyone has seen the reviews of the latest iPhone 12 mini. The biggest concern that reviewers have about the iPhone 12 mini is its battery life. YouTube is filled with videos calling iPhone 12 mini an excellent phone which doesn’t last long. But despite those videos and hype of short battery life, I am buying the 128GB iPhone 12 mini. I am upgrading from my iPhone X to the iPhone 12 mini, and I couldn’t be happier. Let me tell you why:

Why The Small Battery Hype is Ridiculous

Many reviewers sometimes forget that normal users are not spending their entire lives on the phone. They have jobs to do and chores to take care of. They use their iPhones mainly as a communication device with sprinkles of social media, photo and video recording, and light reading through-out the day.

Not everyone spends hours on their phone watching YouTube videos or playing games. I do neither of those things on my phone. I use my phone for calling, texting, light reading, and listening to podcasts and music. That’s my primary use of the phone. If I want to stream a TV series or play games, I prefer a large screen, like the one on my MacBook Pro or the iPad Pro.

Even the biggest iPhone 12 Pro Max is not big enough for me to enjoy quality content. And if I need to watch something in a hurry, I can do it on the iPhone 12 mini. On my iPhone X, my screen on time for daily usage fluctuates between 3-4 hours, and the iPhone 12 mini can easily handle my use.

Why Context Matters When Talking About Battery Life

I think when someone is reviewing a phone, they should keep the target demographic in mind. Most users who are going to buy the iPhone 12 mini are those users who have been holding out for a small phone. They are probably upgrading from iPhone 8 or older devices.

Those users have been dealing with iPhones with shorter battery life than the iPhone 12 mini. That means, for them, the iPhone 12 mini will bring an upgrade to the battery life. So, it’s ridiculous to suggest that the iPhone 12 mini has shorter battery life.

When you are talking about a new phone, you should always put it in context. And I admire reviewers who have not used the short battery life as the title of their videos or articles and cared more about context than raw numbers.

Even if you are upgrading from iPhone X (like me), which has a higher battery capacity than the iPhone 12 mini, I know my life will not be affected in any way. When traveling, I already had to carry a power bank with me, so it’s not like that for the iPhone 12 mini, I have to do something extra.

Why Size Matters When Talking About Battery Life

People who are into smaller phones prefer them because they are easy to handle and use. They don’t use their phones as a media-consuming device or a gaming device. If you want to watch videos or play games, you will prefer a big phone anyway.

Should You Buy the iPhone 12 mini?

If you want a small phone, of course, you should. I think this is the best small iPhone Apple has ever made. It has the new edge-to-edge display of the new iPhones, a square design of iPhone 5, and performs like a champ. You should not concern yourself with the short battery life claims.

And if you want to play games or watch media, I would suggest that you buy a bigger iPhone. It will not only come with a bigger battery, but it will also offer a bigger screen that will let you enjoy the content.