PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 Review: Best Slim Magnetic Folio Case for iPad Pro

Here's our review of the PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2, where we explain why it's one of the best folio cases for iPad Pro to buy.

PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 Review: Best Slim Magnetic Folio Case for iPad Pro

Apple is known for meticulously designing and crafting its products. Its attention to detail is unparalleled, and this obsession has trickled down to accessory makers that support its devices. If you list companies making quality accessories for Apple devices, PITAKA rises to the top, owing to its innovative products and craftsmanship that very few companies can match. PITAKA has launched a revised version of its MagEZ Folio case for iPad Pro, and we will review it in this guide and tell you whether it lives up to the expectation that PITAKA has set with its previous products or not.

PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 review: the unboxing experience

No matter how many devices and gadgets you have purchased, unboxing a new product is always a surreal experience, and we love companies that put extra effort into making it as pleasing as possible. The PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 case ships inside a thin cardboard box that is easy to open. PITAKA is using quality packaging, which feels good to touch.

PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 Packaging Box

When you open the package, the PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 greets you front and center, which we love. Inside the case is a cardboard sheet that mimics the iPad Pro and keeps the folio case in shape. You also get a small booklet showing you how to use the product. There’s no doubt that PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 passes the unboxing test with flying colors.

PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2: build quality and materials

Like other PITAKA products we have tested, the PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 uses quality materials, is available in black and white colors, and offers a durable design. The outer layer of the case uses durable PU leather, while the inner layer uses microfiber cloth that keeps the iPad Pro’s display and body scratch free.

PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 case closed

The microfiber interior feels extremely good in hands, although it is also prone to attracting dust. In our use, we didn’t notice any fingerprints on the case, which means your case will look good and require less cleaning.

PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2: the magnet magic

PITAKA MagEZ series of cases and accessories take full advantage of integrated magnets inside Apple iPhones and iPad Pros, and the MagEZ Folio 2 is no different. Despite its slim profile, the MagEZ Folio 2 packs strong magnets that stick to the back of the iPad Pro, resulting in a fast and secure connection. The front folio also snaps magnetically and supports wake and sleep functions.

A new addition to this version is the Apple Pencil holder flap at the top which keeps the Apple Pencil secure when not in use. The flap is also magnetic and sticks to the back of the case, so it remains out of the way when the case is open. What we love most about this case is how easy it is to attach and detach from the iPad Pro.

PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 open shot

If you use the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, you need a folio case for protecting your iPad Pro when reading or drawing that is easy to put on and take off, and the PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 makes it as easy as possible. The PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 also works with the PITAKA MagEZ Case 2 which is a Magic Keyboard compatible case for iPad Pro.

PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2: multiple viewing angles

The thing that separates the PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 from other folio cases is its unique fold design that allows you to use your iPad Pro in multiple positions. The folio case lets you use your iPad Pro in both portrait and landscape orientations, with four different standing angles.

You can fold outward to get a 57-degree angle, which is best suited for video calls, watching videos, and playing games using iPad Pro controllers. Rotate to get a portrait mode view at a 62-degree angle for reviewing documents and reading. You can also fold and flip the case to get your iPad in sketching mode, which is best for drawing and writing.

Finally, you can also set up your iPad at a 53-degree angle, which is perfect when using your iPad with an external keyboard or mouse or as a secondary screen. These four positions are possible because the folio case can be folded in two ways as shown in the pictures below.

PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 review: pricing and final thoughts

The PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 costs only $59, which is $20 cheaper than the Apple Folio case. Despite its affordable pricing, the PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 uses premium materials, offers multiple viewing angles, and includes a flap that keeps the Apple Pencil attached securely to your iPad Pro. There’s nothing to dislike here, and we can wholeheartedly recommend this case to anyone looking to buy a folio case for their iPad Pro.

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