Ulysses 27 Adds Full Table Support on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Screenshot of Ulysses showing tables feature

Ulysses is one of the best writing apps on Mac and the app I use for all my writing needs. Ulysses is also one of the few subscription apps that releases news features regularly and has justified its move to a subscription pricing model. Last month, with the version 26 update, Ulysses added a new permanent visible counter in the editor, a new dedicated button for quick access to publishing, support for more blogs, and a new streamlined publishing process.

Only a month later, the company has now released the new version 27 update that adds full support for tables and allows users to create and edit tabular content right inside the editor. As I have said many times before, markdown is good at many things but creating and managing tables is not one of them. Ulysses has finally addressed this problem by adding a table creator, which works like a charm.

To create a table, all you need to do is to use the table function. Hit enter to create a new paragraph and type (tbl) to insert a table. Here’s how it looks in action.


Not only can you effortlessly create tables, but you can also easily edit them. To add rows and columns, all you need to do is to click on the row-and-column indicator at the top of the table.

adding row and table in Ulysses

You can access features, including text alignment, fitting the content inside a table cell, and more, using the right-Click (Ctrl+Click) menu.

right-click table edit menu

You can also click and drag to select tables and rows to apply formatting to multiple cells at the same time, rearrange tables and rows, import tables from Word, and do so much more. Here’s a complete list of the Tables features that come with the version 27 update.

  • Quickly create tables in the editor
  • Set header rows and columns
  • Align columns left, right, or center
  • Size columns to either stretch or fit
  • Merge cells horizontally
  • Comfortably add, move or delete rows and columns
  • Add a caption
  • Paste table data from other apps
  • Import from DOCX (Word), HTML, and Markdown
  • Export to PDF, DOCX (Word), HTML, ePub, and Markdown
  • Publish to WordPress, Ghost, and Micro.blog

Ulysses 27 adds full table support: final thoughts

The best part about the tables feature is that it’s available on all devices, so you will be able to use tables not only on your Mac but also on your iPhone and iPad. Other than the new tables feature, Ulysses 27 also fixes some known bugs and brings a host of minor improvements. You can check out all the details in the app’s release notes. Also, let us on Twitter if you want to see a guide on how to use the new Tables features in Ulysses 27.