Ulysses 31 update brings LaTeX support, project duplications, and more

Ulysses 31 update brings LaTeX support

Ulysses, one of the best writing apps for Mac, has released its version 31 update, which brings several new enhancements. The big improvement coming with this update is support for LaTeX math equations. Other prominent features include the ability to duplicate and archive projects, export equations to several file formats, and speed improvements.

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Ulysses version 31 update: what’s new?

According to the release notes, here are the main new features coming with the version 31 update:

  • Write equations using LaTeX.
  • Preview equations in the editor.
  • Export equations to PDF, DOCX, HTML, ePub, and Markdown.
  • Publish equations to WordPress, Ghost, and Micro.blog.

The support for LaTex typesetting is a big win for Ulysses users who use the app for academic purposes. For the uninitiated, LaTeX is a document typesetting language that allows users to typeset their documents for academic publications.

ulysses LaTeX equations

We all know that maths and science equations are impossible to represent in traditional document formatting, owing to the use of a variety of complex symbols. LaTeX solves these issues by allowing users to write in a markup language that can be exported in any traditional document format.

The new version also allows users to archive and duplicate their projects. The duplicate project feature is quite useful, as it allows you to easily carry over the default document structure and formatting from one project to another. For example, you can create a Novel project template and duplicate it everytime you start a new novel.

Ulysses duplicate project support

The update also brings several minor improvements to the speed and overall functioning of the app. Here’s a list of all the improvements:

  • Ulysses should launch a bit faster now, especially with large libraries and lots of projects.
  • Downloading lots of sheets from iCloud should also be much faster.
  • Some sync conflicts are now resolved automatically.
  • Pasting from Safari should be more reliable. iOS
  • Dynamic Type is now used in more places. iOS
  • Embedded PDFs are now included when exported to PDF. iOS
  • Embedded PDFs are no longer rasterized when exported to PDF. macOS
  • Integration with Aeon Timeline now includes support for projects and material sheets. macOS

Ulysses 31 update: final thoughts

The version 31 update of Ulysses is a ground-changing update for users who use the app for academic writing. While there are not many things for non-academic users, the overall performance enhancement is a nice welcome. If you are not following the update trends for a while, you will be happy to know that Ulysses added support for tables. You can click the link to learn how to use tables in Ulysses.