Orion Browser is What Safari Should Have Been

Orion Browser on Mac running Chrome extension

Safari is an excellent browser for Mac users. It’s fast, has built-in tracking protection, and offers advanced features like pinned tabs, shared tab groups, extension sync across devices, and more. Despite being an excellent browser, a large number of Mac users don't use Safari as their primary browser. The reason behind this is Safari's fledgling extension library. The Safari extension library is slowly growing, but it’s nowhere near what Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox offers. If the lack of Safari extensions is keeping you from using the browser on your Mac, Orion Browser is what you need. Here’s how the Orion browser solves Safari’s biggest problem and why you should use it.

Orion Browser: a better Safari experience

Orion browser differentiates itself from other third-party browsers for Mac by using Safari’s WebKit as its underlying technology instead of Chromium which seems to power most browsers on the market. Thanks to the use of WebKit, the Orion browser is fast, energy-efficient, and integrated into OS features you love.

When you launch the Orion Browser for the first time, you will notice that it feels like a replica of Safari, and brings all the same features. So why should one use Orion Browser over Safari, you ask? Well, here are some reasons why Orion Browser gives you a better experience than Safari.

1. Orion browser supports Chrome and Firefox extensions

Did your eyes pop out of your head, because ours did when we saw this for the first time. We don’t know what kind of magic the folks at Kagi (developers of Orion) are pulling, but that magic allows you to use Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons on your browser. Orion promises to support 100% of extensions available on Chrome and Firefox web stores by the time it exits the beta, and as far as we can tell, all the extensions we use are already supported.

Orion Browser Chrome extension

2. Built-in ad and tracker blocking

Like Safari, Orion comes with built-in ad and tracker-blocking features. It blocks online trackers from tracking your behavior across websites and creating a profile on you to serve personalized ads.

3. It’s fast and good for the battery

Chrome users know that the browser is heavy on resources causing the MacBook’s battery to suffer. Since Orion uses Safari WebKit, it’s fast without utilizing excess resources. It means your MacBook will run cooler (check out our favorite cooling pad stand for the M2 MacBook Air) and last longer on a single charge.

4. Vertical tabs

Orion browser lets you choose your tab style between traditional horizontal and vertical tree-style tabs. Many users prefer to use vertical tabs, so this is a nice feature.

vertical tabs in Orion

5. Syncs across devices

Like Safari, Orion syncs your bookmarks, tabs, and passwords seamlessly using iCloud.

Check the full list of Orion features here

Orion is the upgraded version of safari

Orion browser solves Safari’s biggest shortcoming, which is the lack of quality extensions. You get the rest of the benefits of Safari, including faster browsing and longer battery life, and you get extension support from both Firefox and Chrome web stores. We love the Orion browser and recommend it to all Mac users who wanted Chrome extensions on Safari for years.