How to Stop iPhone Apps from Asking for Ratings and Reviews

iPhone showing app asking for rating

One of the most annoying things I face when I download a new iPhone app for testing is that they immediately ask for a rating and review. Since I test dozens of apps every month, I find this feature quite frustrating. The worst part is that apps ask for ratings before I have time to test them. If you also don’t like this behavior, here’s how to stop iPhone apps from asking for ratings and reviews. 

Stop apps from asking for ratings and reviews on iPhone

You can solve this issue in just a few seconds using the steps below:

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and open App Store settings. 

Opening app store settings

2. Scroll down to find the In-App Ratings and Reviews settings and turn off the toggle. 

Turning off toggle for in-app ratings and reviews

That’s it. Now, no app will ask you for ratings and reviews, and you can only rate apps that you actually like without getting bombarded with annoying notifications. 

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