How to Share Passwords with Trusted Contacts in iOS 17

Here is how you can easily share passwords with trusted contacts in iOS 17 using iCloud Keychain.

How to Share Passwords with Trusted Contacts in iOS 17

iCloud Keychain has come a long way and has become a viable alternative for password managers like LastPass and 1Password. One of the missing features in iCloud Keychain that kept many users from solely relying on it was the ability to share passwords. However, that restriction no longer applies with the iOS 17 update. Now, users can share passwords with trusted contacts on their iPhones. Here's how to do it.

Share passwords with contacts in iOS 17

Password sharing is a must-have feature for any password manager. If your password manager app doesn't support password sharing, you have to resort to sharing passwords via iMessage or WhatsApp, and that's not secure at all.

Thankfully, iCloud Keychain now has an option to share passwords, so you don't have to send your passwords via messages.

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Passwords.

Opening passwords settings

2. You will see a new Share Passwords and Passkeys option. Tap the Get Started button.

Passwords settings showing Share Passwords and Passkeys option

3. You will see a splash screen showing how password sharing works. Tap the Continue button to go to the next step.

Password sharing splash screen

4. To share passwords, you have to create a password group. Enter your group name and tap the Add people button to add trusted contacts with whom you want to share your passwords.

Creating a password sharing group

5. On this page, you can search and add contacts you wish to share passwords with. Repeat the steps to add as many contacts as you want and tap the Create button.

Adding members to password sharing group

6. Now, select the passwords you want to share and tap the Move button to move the passwords to your shared list.

Selecting the passwords to share

7. Now, tap the Notify via Message button to notify your contacts about your shared passwords. Tap the Not Now button if the message is not needed. You have now shared your passwords with the group.

Notifying people about shared passwords

Easily share passwords with your friends and family

As you can see, Apple has made it easy to share passwords with your friends and family. Now, you can add that family member who always forgets the Netflix password to the group, and you don't have to worry about them constantly nagging you.  Before you go, don't forget to check out our list of the 7 amazing features Apple Notes is getting with iOS 17 update.