Mac Weekly - One Switch: Get All the Toggles in One Place

Mac Weekly - One Switch: Get All the Toggles in One Place

One of the reasons I love macOS is the Menu Bar utilities. These utilities help you perform specific tasks. For example, ToothFairy and NightOwl are two such utilities that I have mentioned in the Mac Weekly series before. The former helps you easily connect your Bluetooth accessories while the latter lets you control dark mode, both system-wide and per-app basis. The only problem with these utilities is if you use too many of them, your Menu Bar will get crowded. You can use an app like Bartender (4-week trial, $15) (Get it on SetApp) or Vanilla (Free, $4.99) to keep the items in check. But I prefer to use an app that combines multiple utilities into one. One Switch is such an app, and I know you are going to find this one useful.

One Switch: Get Multiple Toggles in One Place

One Switch is a menu bar app that combines multiple toggles or switches into one. Using this single app, you can connect your Bluetooth accessories like AirPods, turn on/off dark mode, keep Mac awake, and more. Here is the list of toggles that are available right now:

  • Hide Desktop Icons
  • Dark Mode
  • Keep Awake
  • Bluetooth Accessories
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Night Shift
  • Screen Saver
  • True Tone
  • Play Music
  • Show Hidden Files
  • Display Sleep
  • Screen Resolution
  • Screen Clean
  • Lock Keyboard
  • Lock Screen
  • Xcode Cache Clean
  • Empty Trash

As you can see, you are getting 17 tools in one application. You don’t have to show all these tools at once. You can customize the interface to show as many or as few tools as you want. You can also change the position of tools. For example, you can keep the most used actions at the top.

One Switch

But that’s not all, One Switch also lets you record keyboard shortcuts for each action or tool. That means you don’t have to interact with the app once you set the shortcut. I use the hide desktop icons shortcut multiple times a day as I take a ton of screenshots. Using this shortcut saves me dozens of clicks every day. And since all the tools are in one place, my Menu Bar remains clean.

One Switch Future RoadMap

A good thing about One Switch is that you get a roadmap for the future on its website. For example, I know that the upcoming features include the ability to customize switches, a switch store, and more. You can even go to One Switch’s subreddit page and request for features.

One Switch product roadmap

One Switch: Final Thoughts

I love this app and it’s worth every cent of $4.99 that it asks. I get it for free as a part of the SetApp subscription, but you can buy it directly from the developer’s website. Both the links are given below. I am waiting for the custom switch feature. I want to experiment and see what switches I can create myself. If you spend money on one app this month, let it be One Switch. If you are still not convinced, there’s a free 7-day trial you can use to check it out.

Get One Switch: Free 7-day trial, $4.99

Get It on SetApp