How to Create Contact Poster on iPhone

iOS 17 lets you create your own personal calling card. Here's how to create a contact poster on iPhone.

How to Create Contact Poster on iPhone

Every new iOS update adds some customization features to the iPhone, allowing users to personalize their iPhones. With the latest iOS 17 update, the biggest customization is coming to the Phone app. Now, users can create Contact Posters that other iPhone users will see when they call. We love this feature as it lets us express ourselves even before someone picks up our calls. Here is how to create your Contact Poster on your iPhone.

But first,

Things to keep in mind about iPhone Contact Posters

Before we get to our guide, there are a few confusions that we want to clear.

  • You don’t have to create a Contact Poster for all your contacts. The idea is that everyone will create their own Contact Poster.
  • You will create your own Contact Poster and share it with your contacts. As more and more iPhone users start using Contact Posters, your contact list will automatically show their Contact Posters.
  • That said, you can create Contact Posters for your contacts. We recommend doing it only if someone has not added a Contact Poster (a friend who uses Android) or you don’t like someone’s Contact Poster (maybe they made it too obscene).
  • A Contact Poster is different from a contact photo. The contact photo is what you see in the circle above the name of the contact.
  • You can create multiple Contact Posters and switch between them as you switch between different lock screens.

With these points out of the way, let’s see how you can create your Contact Poster on your iPhone.

How to create and customize your Contact Posters

We have shown how you can create and customize your Contact Posters on your iPhone. You can use the same steps to create and customize Contact Posters for any of your contacts as well.

1. Launch the Phone app and choose Contacts.

Phone app screenshot

2. Tap on your contact name at the top and choose the Contact Photo & Poster option.

Choosing the account

3. Now tap the Edit button.

Contact Poster Edit button

4. Tap the plus (+) button to start creating a new Contact Poster.

Tapping the plus button

5. Here, you can use the Camera button to capture a photo, the Photos button to use a captured photo, the Memoji button to add a memoji, and the Monogram button to show your name. We will choose the Photos option to add a photo.

Different types of contact poster

6. Pick the photo you want to show as a Contact Poster.

Picking photo for contact poster

7. Now, you can swipe between the pages to apply different filters. In the color filter, you can tap the color icon to choose a different background color.

Applying filter to contact poster

8. Tap the Done button to save changes and then tap on Continue.

Saving contact poster

9. Now, use the Crop button to adjust your profile photo.

Cropping contact photo

10. Tap the Update button to update the profile photo. If you want to keep your original profile photo, tap the Skip button in the top-right corner.

Saving contact photo

11. Finally, tap the Done button to save changes.

Saving contact poster

12. Here’s how our Contact Poster looks.

Contact Poster

As mentioned, you can use the same steps to customize the Contact Poster for any contact in your contact list.

How to delete a Contact Poster

If you have created too many contact posters and you want to delete some of them, here's how you do it.

1. Go to Phone → Contacts and tap on your name.

Phone app screenshot

2. Choose the Contact Photo & Poster option and tap the Edit button.

Contact Photo & Poster option

3. Swipe up the Contact Poster you wan to delete and tap the Trash icon.

Swiping up the contact poster

4. Tap on Delete to confirm deletion.

Deleting Contact Poster

5. Tap on Done and Done to save changes.

Saving Changes

Customize your Contact Poster to personalize your call screen

So that is how you can create and customize your Contact Poster. You can repeat the same steps to create multiple Contact Posters and switch between them. If you liked this guide, check out how to organize your contacts in the contact list on your iPhone.