How to Extract Audio from Video on iPhone

Extract Audio from Video on iPhone

The best way to consume podcasts is in audio format. You can listen to your favorite storytellers, consume knowledge from interviews of successful people, and learn about new subjects, all while doing household chores or going on a run. That’s what makes podcasts so special. But what if the interview or the lecture you want to listen to is in video format? Well, today we will show you a method to extract audio from video on iPhone, which will help you with that problem. Whether you want to convert your video lectures into audio lectures or extra music from your favorite TikTok and Instagram Reels, here’s how to extract audio from video on your iPhone for free.

Extract audio from video on iPhone using Shortcuts

Your iPhone comes with a powerful automation app called Shortcuts. You can use the Shortcuts app to run shortcuts to complete tasks like force closing all apps on Mac, creating an app launcher for iPhone, announce when your iPhone battery is full, and more.

We have published a list of our favorite shortcuts for iPhone in a separate guide. You can read it to find dozens of awesome shortcuts that will make your life easier. Now, let us see how you can extract audio from video on iPhone using shortcuts.

Note: While the Shortcuts app comes pre-installed on your iPhone, if you have deleted it, install it from App Store before proceeding with the steps below.

1. Click on this link to open the Extract Audio shortcut on your iPhone and tap the Get Shortcut button.

Extract audio shortcut

2. Tap on Open and use the Add Shortcuts button to add it to your shortcuts gallery.

Adding extract audio shortcut to shortcut gallery

3. Now, open the video you want the audio extracted from, and tap the Share button.

Using the share button

4. Scroll down the iOS Share Sheet and choose the Extract Audio shortcut.

Choosing the Extract audio shortcut

5. Depending on the length of the video, it might take between a few seconds to a minute for the process to complete.

audio extraction processing

6 Once the video gets processed, the shortcut will open the file picker allowing you to choose where to save the extracted audio file. Navigate to the destination where you want to save the file and tap Open to save it.

browsing files to save extracted audio

7. As you can see, the shortcut has successfully extracted the audio from our video.

Successfully extract audio on iphone

In our testing, the shortcut works best when the video length is just below an hour. If you want to extract audio from a longer video, we recommend splitting it down first and extracting audio separately for each part.

Extract audio from video on iPhone for free

We love this shortcut and use it regularly to extract audio from our favorite video interviews and lectures. Let us know how you are going to use this shortcut, in the comments below. Also, we recommend checking out the best open-ear wireless earphones for consuming audio content, as they will help you listen to your content without getting disconnected from the world around you.