How to Use Shortcuts to Open Two Apps in Split View Mode on iPad

iPad on wooden desk showing shortcut to open two apps in Split View

iPadOS has come a long way from its beginnings. It brings features like Split View, Slide Over, and more, allowing users to work with multiple apps with ease. Split View works like a charm on iPadOS and is perfect for working with two apps side-by-side. If there are two apps that you always open in a pair, you can create a shortcut that allows you to open them in Split View automatically. Here is how you can use Shortcuts to open two apps in Split View mode on the iPad.

Use Shortcuts to Open Two Apps in Split View Mode on iPad

One of the things that we love about Split View is that it remembers the app pairing you create, and you can access them via the App Switcher view as shown below.

screenshot showing iPadOS multitasking app switcher mode

However, if you clear the app pair by swiping up, it closes the Split View, and you will have to set it up again. If there are two apps you always use together, it’s better to create a shortcut that will launch them in Split View mode whenever you want.

Note: Here’s a list of our favorite Siri Shortcuts that you can use to enhance your workflow.

1. To create this shortcut, first open the shortcuts app.

Shortcuts showing in spotlight search

2. Click on the plus (+) button to start creating a new shortcut.

click on the plus icon

3. Tap in the Search field and search for Split-Screen Apps action.

Shortcuts app screenshot

4. Drag the action to the shortcut editor (left-side).

Dragging split-screen action

5. You will see that the action lets you choose two apps.

Choose two apps screenshot

6. Tap on the first field and choose the app you want. You can either scroll to find the app or search for its name using the search field. I will choose the Reminders app.

choose the first app screenshot

7. For the second app, I will choose Logseq, which is the note-taking app I use.

choose the second app screenshot

8. Now, tap on the arrow next to reveal extra setting options.

tap on the arrow screenshot

9. You will see that both apps will open in a 1/2 ratio. It means both apps will take half of the screen. You can tap on the ratio to change it. You can either select a value or choose the option to Ask Each Time.

ratio screenshot

10. Now, tap on the Settings icon and then on the Add to Home Screen option.

add to Home Screen screenshot

11. Add an easily identifiable name and tap on the Add button at the top-right to add the Shortcut to Home Screen.

add name and add to home screen

12. As you can see, when I tap on the shortcut, it opens both Reminders and Logseq side-by-side.

Open apps in Split Screen mode on iPad using Shortcut

Using this method, you can create shortcuts to open any two apps in Split Viewmode. Once you set up a shortcut, you can also run it via Spotlight, which makes it even easier to launch the apps in split screen mode. If you liked this guide, also check out our guide to using shortcuts for disabling WiFi, creating an app launcher, combining images, and more.